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Heart, Guts & Steel

Heart, Guts & Steel

It's a story of the making of a surgeon. A must-read for anyone curious about what goes into the creation of those mysterious masked figures who battle illness and save lives.

For a surgeon, food and sleep are luxuries. Not necessities. A surgeon's personal comfort cannot come at the price of a patient's safety.


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Heart, Guts & Steel - The Making of an Indian Surgeon.

A surgical residency is "designed to break the man, if not his mind". In 'Heart, Guts & Steel', pediatric heart surgeon Dr.Mani narrates the story of his training to become a surgeon in the early 1990s.

Beginning with his rotation as an intern on the General Surgery service, and going on to the three stages of a surgical residency, the story takes a reader along the fascinating, yet gruelling journey of transformation of a trainee surgeon - from raw novice to seasoned professional.

It's a journey of suffering and heart-break, frustration and discomfort, sadness and loss. But it's also one of inspiration and excitement, fulfillment and satisfaction, supreme sacrifice and noble endeavour.

A Lovely Collection of Stories...

A rich collection of anecdotes and incidents pepper the crisp and fast-paced narrative. You'll be a fly on the wall, observing the transition of a wet behind the ears medical student into a surgeon making life and death decisions under pressure.

Dr.Mani wrote the book especially for young people, high school students and doctors in training, who might dream of becoming a surgeon. And yet, the simple non-technical language, every day events and engaging style of communication make it a book anyone can relate to - even enjoy.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to make a surgeon, this book has all your answers.

Here's what readers have to say about "Heart, Guts & Steel":

Wow! I honestly was just planning on skimming the PDF you sent (currently 130+ emails in my inbox), but as soon as I read the first line in that "Moments of Truth" section I was hooked! Holy shit! Such a great scene.
Derek Sivers
A "bird's eye view" of what it takes to become a surgeon -- from intense childhood interest to the persistence, dedication, training, and experience necessary to succeed. This book is a quick and easy read, taking us through the various stages of training, from entering medical school to becoming a surgeon. And it's fascinating."
Rosalyn Bronstein


In 'Heart, Guts & Steel', the curtain is drawn back on the harsh, rough, high-stress training ground on which surgeons cut their teeth and find the core of what makes them top-performing doctors.

It's a journey of exploration, a voyage of self-discovery and a gripping tale about the making of a surgeon.

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