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The Emotion Prism

The Emotion Prism

How to be happy, when you'd rather be sad... these 3 simple secrets will transform your life. Wouldn't you, too, like to experience boundless joy, deep satisfaction, calm comfort, inner peace and happiness?


My perspective changed. I saw Life through a new lens, from a new angle. And it took on a new meaning. It was beautiful.


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Do you have a peaceful, happy and satisfying life? Do you always feel on top of the world? Are you in control of things? If not, then...

Discover 3 Amazing Secrets To Achieve Inner Peace And True Happiness

In just 3 simple steps, you'll learn how to quickly and easily create a new life - one guaranteed to be filled with love, peace and happiness!

Emotions are more powerful than logic, reason, or intellect. They are far more complex, more mystical and whimsical.

Too often, they are in control of you.

To find true happiness and inner peace, this role must be reversed. The handles, triggers and controls are within you. Learn how to manage them well, and all success in life will be yours.

It's a world gone mad...

You're feeling the stress, the frustration, the fear of an uncertain future. You're confused, scared, paralyzed, angry.

I am too. Or rather, I was. Not any longer.

Now I can stay calm, relaxed, assured, secure in the knowledge that I'll share with you in this book. That's why I'm telling you about this set of simple yet powerful concepts that will guide you through tough times.

It's a triad of universal principles that have the potential to change your life ...and the way you view it.

Does This Describe You Well?

* Your emotions and personal relationships are strained.

* A feeling of well-being is missing.

* More often than ever before, you long for the "good old days".

How would you like to turn the clock back? And feel as happy, peaceful and calm as you once used to?

Readers from different walks of life, from diverse cultures, social and economic backgrounds, with varied religious beliefs and from all corners of the globe have had their perspective altered by 'The Emotion Prism'.

It's amazing how such a set of simple principles can produce such a profound effect on a large group of people. It has awesome potential. Indeed armed with these secrets, now...

You Can Have It All!

Money. Friends. Power. Relationships.

Success in everything you do.

See what people say about 'The Emotion Prism':

Your book is a great way to bring "Universal Truths" to the reader using the method of an extended allegory that holds readers' interest... A very helpful book.
John Harricharan, award winning author
I had to go through the worst year of my life to learn what your book covers. It would have been a lot easier if I'd read this a year ago.
Paul Myers,
Your presentation and flow brings back fond memories of time spent with Og Mandino's books.
Dan Porteous
The steps you present in the book are, as you say, simple. Yet, they are very powerful. Probably their power does lie in their simplicity.
Will Bontrager

Here's what this amazing book will show you:

* The absolute best way to stay calm in a crisis

* Avoid frustrations at business failures or losses

* A simple technique to keep from losing your temper

* How to quickly and easily build rich relationships

* What you can learn from others with huge problems

Three simple rules to enjoy life and find inner peace

It's easy, really. All you have to do is make your emotions work FOR you instead of letting them get to you.

And that requires a shift in your point of view, a change in your perspective of the events and problems in your life, the ability to look at things from a different angle.


It is a self awareness and emotion control guide to inner peace and true happiness. It's the distilled wisdom from a lifetime of experience and insight, and details a set of three simple, universal truths that will forever alter the way you see and tackle difficult problems and stressful life situations.

The concepts you'll learn in this book will help you:

* break down problems into smaller parts, tackling each effectively

* bend your feelings to your will instead of becoming a slave to them

* focus your emotions towards achieving your ends, whatever they may be

Read the book. Transform your life.

Do it today!

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