"Get Rock-Solid Techniques To Boost Your Personal, Financial & Business Growth... And Help Save A Child's Life In The Process!

"Read on, to learn how you can become a hero at home and to a child who was born with a heart defect that's easily curable - but fatal if not treated.

Heart Book Club - Congenital Heart Defects

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From: Dr.Mani, heart surgeon and social entrepreneur
Re: The "Save a Child's Heart" Book Club

I live a dream of possibility. And I want you to be able to share in it, too.

As an author, I write and sell books that bring in a steady six-figure income... for a purpose.

And that purpose has to do with my 'other life' - as a pediatric heart surgeon. My royalties go to treat and completely cure kids born with life-threatening heart defects.

Here's the plan.

Each child's heart operation in India costs around $2,250. To fund 10 surgeries every year, all we need is $22,500. That's the goal - and I've found a simple way to reach it.

Get 15 Members To Join The Heart Book Club

For every 15 Heart Book Club members, we can sponsor ten operations in a year. That's right. We'll help 10 kids live - every year.

And all for a modest monthly contribution!

Yep! It's just $125.00 a month.

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And look at what you'll get in exchange...

When you join the Heart Book Club, you'll get one (or two) of my brand new ebooks every month - along with resell rights - so you can sell them to your friends, family and followers and keep all the money!

And your membership fee goes to help sponsor a child's heart operation.

It's a win-win deal for you... and our little 'heart kids'.

  • It's Exclusive: You'll be the very first to get these new ebooks

  • It's Valuable: You'll benefit from the precious insights and information

  • It's Profitable: You'll have the chance to sell them to your audience

  • It's Satisfying: You'll know the money you pay goes to a worthy cause

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What will the ebooks be about?

The series of "Dr.Mani Growth Guides" that I have planned cover three broad areas:

  • Business Growth - Rock Solid, Business Expanding Training And Techniques

  • Personal Growth - Tested-and-Proven Ways To Boost Efficiency And Productivity

  • Financial Growth - Trusted Systems To Accumulate Wealth And Become Rich

And what does this mean to YOU?

More money - to make changes in your life that you dreamed of

More time - to do things you want to, but were always too busy for

More freedom - to help the less fortunate, to make a difference

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And by giving you everything that you want, I'll involve YOU in helping sponsor heart surgery for TEN children every year.

Heart Book Club - Vinodh Little kids like Vinodh, an 8 year-old boy from a remote Indian village with a problem he did nothing to cause or deserve. He's one of 147 children with heart birth defects whose operation was sponsored by the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation.

Caring, generous, supportive donors like you reached out to lend a helping hand... and saved his life.

Who knows what unlimited potential you may help unleash?

Vinodh might engineer scientific breakthroughs, discover new art forms or pioneer world-changing innovations.

He might meet world leaders, build hospitals and schools, or write heart-warming books and poems.

Or he might lead a quiet, happy, fulfilling life, as a good son, a caring husband, and a loving father.

One thing is for sure. Without his operation, he couldn't do any of this.

Thanks to you, and many others like you, Vinodh is alive. Healthy. Happy.

And soon, through the Heart Book Club, 10 more kids will join him.

I want YOU - along with a group of 15 special people - to be a part of that goal.

You can help make a difference.

Sign up for a Heart Book Club membership today.

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You will also help yourself and your business. This is your unique opportunity. The 'once in a long, long time' chance to make a modest contribution.

Get a set of powerful business, personal and financial growth tools and resources, and boost your business sky-high... while helping a child born with a condition that's curable, if they only had the money to afford the treatment.

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With your help, we can make sure they do.

Make the right choice.

Sign up today - here.

Thank you from my heart.

All success,

P.S.: If you wish to contribute more to the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation, you can buy 2, 5, or 10 membership slots - and give them as gifts to anyone you like.

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