Book Review: ‘Bluff’ – by Lenore Skomal

Bluff by Lenore Skomal

I posted this review on for Lenore Skomal’s book, “Bluff” – and thought you might like it, too.

This book will force you to look deep inside your heart…

Bluff is among the best works of fiction I’ve read lately.  Setting the scene for opening a Pandora’s box of thorny issues, the author’s talent and writing skill reign sublime through what many will find a fascinating read.

The vivid descriptions and emotionally engaging characters make it oh-so-easy to slip into the story-world, one from which you’ll emerge only reluctantly and with some effort and persistence.

Just as tough to skip blithely away from are the thought-provoking and mind-expanding questions about life and death itself – ones that, if you choose to examine and address for yourself, can be the most insightful take-aways from reading “Bluff”.

If you’re looking for light reading material to while away some time, don’t pick up this book.

But if you’re ready and willing to have your deepest beliefs challenged, to face some difficult and controversial questions about oft-ignored areas of life, and are open minded enough to explore the boundaries of socially comfortable chit chat and really get to the heart of stuff that deeply matters, then you’ll find this a remarkable read.

No, you won’t get prescriptive advice, or overdose on an author’s own dogma and opinion.  You may not even get “answers”.

But far more important than that, the book will serve as a guide to ask yourself the right kind of questions.  For that reason alone, Bluff will remain one of my most recommended reads of the year (and beyond).

Read ‘Bluff’ now – go here: click

Another book like that is ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fck


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