Believe And You’ll See

Believe and you'll see

A few months ago, I was on FB when a chat window popped up. It was someone on my contact network.

“I’d like you to write an article for me. What do you charge?”

I named my price.

(It’s high. It took me years to work up the confidence to ask for it.)

There was a significant pause. Then he replied.

“That’s a bit out of my budget.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I responded. “If you like, I can recommend other writers who are just as good.”

“No, no. I want YOU to write for me.”

He waited. I went on browsing my timeline in another window.

After a while, he typed… “Let me try and come up with the money.”

He did. I wrote for him. He loved it.

The secret to this happy result is being able to believe.

On my side, to believe that

  • a. there are people who can afford to pay well for quality work
  • b. that I can deliver value for the money they pay

On his side, to believe that

  • a. what he gets will be worth paying for

People say “seeing is believing”. It’s not. Once you’ve seen, NOT believing is foolish!

That’s why there are many excellent writers willing to ply their trade for a couple of dollars per piece… they refuse to believe UNTIL they see.

Flip the paradigm around.

Believe it – and you WILL see.

Not intuitive. Not easy. But rewarding – in incredible ways.

Go, believe!

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