It hit me with a flash today. Some people are automatons.

I’ve seen this in two extremes – very bored, and very (too?) successful.

The very bored can be folks stuck in dull, repetitive jobs which they need for the money. There’s no challenge, no variety, no excitement.

  • He’s the janitor listlessly pushing his mop around the room.
  • She’s the clerk stacking cans at the supermarket.
  • Or the owner of a mechanical-voice that answers your support call from far away across oceans.


The very successful too may become automatons.

  • They build up a shell around themselves, to protect against intimacy with a large crowd that’s eager to get too familiar with them.
  • They hide behind an ‘artificial’ persona they put on to achieve their success, and then wear for so long that it becomes a habit they effortlessly adopt.
  • They hide their true selves.

By doing this, they appear emotionless, withdrawn and remote to those interacting with them.



Weird, even.


I’ve seen doctors who became automatons. And big-name marketers. Busy executives. Bureaucrats.

Every time I’ve seen or engaged with one of them, I’ve left thinking I NEVER want to become one.

No matter what else I don’t become, I don’t want to become an…


I’d rather be a caring, feeling, thinking person – with all the pain, frustration and diverse emotions attached to that state of being.


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