Important Aspects of Time Management

There are several important aspects of time management that you must learn and master in order to maximize your efficiency and avoid stress or anxiety as you navigate the crowded waters of your busy, over-scheduled day.


One aspect of time management that is easy to control and manage is to keep a time log – and analyze it. This will help you better understand the things you do in a typical day, so that you may optimize and maximize what you’re doing.

To know how much time you are wasting, you need to keep a time log – and analyze it. For one week (or longer) keep a record of exactly how you spend your time. Break down your day into 1-hour blocks (or half-hour blocks, if that’s more appropriate). At the end of each time block, record your activity carried out.

At the end of the week, study your time usage pattern. You’ll notice several aspects of time management that you’ve been ignoring or overlooking in the rush to cope with your daily to-do list.

See how many hours of time you waste – and assess your peak productivity periods. Armed with this powerful information, you can improve aspects of time management and even schedule the most important activities to coincide with your periods of peak productivity.

Maybe your best time to work is when the rest of the family is asleep, and you can devote all your attention to the work at hand. Or you may be most productive in the morning hours when you’re fresh and rested.

Another important aspect of time management is learning to delegate work to others in your team. Develop skills, or find people with them.

Is there something you do repeatedly, every day? Like typing letters or email. Like sewing buttons or tears in clothes. Like taking down notes from lectures or seminars. Like reading (or skimming) piles of papers, letters, or news stories.

If you answered “Yes”, then acquiring new skills could help you save time and enhance your time management. If you type a lot, and learn to touch-type (by attending a class for 4 weeks), you’ll spend around 30 hours – but the skill you acquire will save you at least as much – in just one year! That aspect of time management is often overlooked, but can rationalize your decision to acquire a skill or invest into your future.

What if you learned shorthand – and then speeded up your note-taking and transcription?

Or attended a course on speed reading – which let you flip rapidly through the mountain of paperwork like an express train?

All these new skills cost you time and money to acquire. But over time, these same skills will help you save more time and more money – making the investment worthwhile.

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Hopefully this brief overview of aspects of time management are of help and value to you.

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