Butterfly Sipping Nectar


The chill of dawn was in the air. A gentle breeze ruffled the lush green grass. But it was already bright. Days begin earlier in the east.

I sat on the steps leading to our room at the Forest Inn resort. Butterflies flitted from one flower to another, busy in their search for nectar. The woods were alive with birdsong. The rising sun smiled shyly through hazy clouds, making a lovely sight framed by tall trees.

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As I lazily glanced around all this wonder of nature, my mind stirred restlessly.

“What should I DO next?”

Considering that this was an unscheduled stop, made necessary by a series of strikes and shut-downs brought about by political uncertainty in Darjeeling district, we had little knowledge about the local sightseeing spots or activities.

And in the middle of a forest, even cable TV reception was spotty and broke down often. No internet (gasp!). Therefore, little to guide us.

“Nothing” I told myself. “Do nothing!”

But it felt strangely uncomfortable. I (like you?) am so attuned to doing things. Something. ANYTHING.

It took almost a day to wind down from that perpetual urge to be in constant motion. To shift down those mental gears, slow down, and immerse myself in the natural delights all around.

Fighting the urge to do something is probably the hardest thing for any entrepreneur, over-achiever, ambitious person to do.

It’s also the most important one to learn – because when you master it, you begin to live… and enjoy life!

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