Reflection in mirror

I gazed at my face in the mirror.

The graying hair no longer was limited to a few stray streaks, but stood out in harder to ignore strands. The skin was a little more pitted and wrinkled than before; it even sagged a wee bit.

Then I came to the eyes. And stopped. Stared for 10 full seconds.

Looking back at me steadily, the reflection was the same. Calm, warm and passionate. Just like it had always been.

Nothing had changed.

Nothing that really mattered.

Snippets of conversation from yesterday’s wedding reception popped into my mind.

“Why don’t you dye your hair black?”

“Isn’t she using too much make-up?”

“Do you like my wig? My hair’s falling out!”

And I thought about how, just like my face, my focus and attention had shifted to the trivial, the incidental, the peripheral.

The stuff that didn’t really matter.

If the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, then dreams are the windows to one’s goals!

And I had let them drift. From what was important to me, to what seemed important to others.

It’s time to work on alignment.

To put my dreams back on track.

The operative phrase is: MY dreams.

For you, it will be YOUR dreams.

It doesn’t matter if they are great dreams or small dreams, noble dreams or mundane dreams, profound dreams or silly dreams.

They are YOUR dreams.

That’s why they matter.

You can make them happen. No, scratch that… you can MUST make them happen.

Because the biggest tragedy would be to die with your music still in you, with your song unsung.

Bring it all into alignment. That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Join me.

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