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Christmas Adventure – Hercule Poirot

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding - Hercule Poirot

A prank turns into misfortune. As a young girl lies in the snow, who in the Christmas party could be a murderer?

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A Book Review of Christmas Adventure… by the murder victim:

My name is Nancy Cardell.

I’m at Aunt Emily’s with seven other friends for Christmas. And a funny old man with his curious egg-shaped head, fierce moustache and piercing emerald-green eyes.

“It is my business to know things,” he says.


The Murder On The Links – Hercule Poirot

The Murder On The Links - Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s ‘The Murder on the Links’ – a Hercule Poirot mystery… 

A man lies dead in a shallow open grave, stabbed in the back with a letter opener… and too many people are suspected of killing him.

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A Book Review of The Murder On The Links… by Hercule Poirot:

I, Hercule Poirot, was nearly led astray by complexity.

But I was not satisfied.

And that’s what solved the mystery.

Let’s begin at the beginning…


The Mysterious Affair at Styles – Hercule Poirot

The Mysterious Affair at Styles - An Hercule Poirot Mystery

Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ – a Hercule Poirot mystery… 

An old lady dies alone inside her locked room – and everyone is a suspect!

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A Book Review of The Mysterious Affair At Styles… by The Murderer:

I (almost) got away with murder.

I mean, it was brilliantly planned. I managed to frame everyone as a potential culprit. And if it hadn’t been for that funny man with an egg-shaped head, I would have got away scot free.


Book Review: Another Man’s Wife

Another Man's Wife review

“So, you’re back at last.”

I was only seated across the room from my wife. Had been for the past hour. But she was right. I had been far, far away, lost in a magical world woven from words.

A world where I laughed and cried, suffered and celebrated, hoped and failed alongside a tribal woman named Kuheli, the protagonist of “Another Man’s Wife”, Manjul Bajaj’s title story in a lovely anthology.


Love Your Work

Love Your Work

I’m on the return leg of my almost-daily evening walk. The road is congested with people returning back from work or study. Tired, dull and listless, they trudge along slowly, wearily.

It was as if a long day in college or the office has sapped their energy, drained them of all enthusiasm. All they’re looking forward to, it seems, is getting home, relaxing, and going to sleep.

Striding along at a brisk 6 kmph, I realize that I’m walking more than twice as fast as young people half my age!

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