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Success Amplifies YOU

Success Amplifies You

I was thinking about those ‘celebrities’ I mentioned in another post.

They have gone on to become household names in the film industry. Along with others.

Barely 2 or 3 of them, however, can really act well. All have large crowds of acolytes who worship their every antic, regardless of merit or quality. They have TRUE FANS.

I thought back to the actors and celebrities of yesteryear.

Even they spanned a similar spectrum. Some were very talented. Some were very popular. In only few exceptions were the two in proportion (anyone else here a fan of Rajnikanth?!)

Even off-stage, the impact these celebrities make on the wider universe runs the gamut.

Some are generous, others stingy. Some are noble; others petty. Some become inspirational icons of a generaton; others are scary role models for our youth.

But here’s the rub…

None of them became this way AFTER they grew famous.

They already were. It just got bigger.

In your impassioned quest for success, remember this.

The time to become your best ‘YOU’ is right now… not afterwards.


Do You Read Enid Blyton?

Read Enid Blyton

As we grow older, we read weightier, more abstract tomes.

Books like…

Then, we try to figure out the deeper meaning and profound insights these authors expound.

But we also forget how much power and impact is there in SIMPLICITY.

In children’s books – like stories by Enid Blyton.

Each experience of their characters is a lesson that’s applicable to us adults in our lives – and what’s more, they are EASY to understand!

Pick up any book your child is reading.

Browse through it.

Watch for the lessons.

Take them to heart.

Because, at heart, we are all still children.


Believe And You’ll See

Believe and you'll see

A few months ago, I was on FB when a chat window popped up. It was someone on my contact network.

“I’d like you to write an article for me. What do you charge?”

I named my price.

(It’s high. It took me years to work up the confidence to ask for it.)

There was a significant pause. Then he replied.

“That’s a bit out of my budget.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I responded. “If you like, I can recommend other writers who are just as good.”

“No, no. I want YOU to write for me.”

He waited. I went on browsing my timeline in another window.

After a while, he typed… “Let me try and come up with the money.”

He did. I wrote for him. He loved it.

The secret to this happy result is being able to believe.

On my side, to believe that

  • a. there are people who can afford to pay well for quality work
  • b. that I can deliver value for the money they pay

On his side, to believe that

  • a. what he gets will be worth paying for

People say “seeing is believing”. It’s not. Once you’ve seen, NOT believing is foolish!

That’s why there are many excellent writers willing to ply their trade for a couple of dollars per piece… they refuse to believe UNTIL they see.

Flip the paradigm around.

Believe it – and you WILL see.

Not intuitive. Not easy. But rewarding – in incredible ways.

Go, believe!


If You Took It Away

If you took away all my money, I can earn it back again.

If you took away my health in the process, I’d find it harder.

If you took away people precious to me, I’d have no reason to.

Yet why is it that so many are obsessed about the money – and not so much about their health or precious people?

Think about it as you enjoy precious time with your dear ones!

If you took it away


Why not TODAY?

Why Not Today

Someone who heard about my hectic, yet fun day with the 24-hour non-stop Heart Kids blogathon said: “I’m inspired to do the same some day.”

My reply: Thanks, but why not begin TODAY?

It’s exactly how the fund raising event was set into motion several years ago – by someone asking me, “Why not just get going TODAY?”

While it’s nice to want to wait until certain specific circumstances and situations arise, the reality is there is no better time than now.

No better day than today.

No better person than YOU.

To decide to go after your dreams.

And I don’t just mean doing charity or non-profit work. Even your own business, career and personal goals begin today.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a famous Indian freedom fighter, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose:

Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow may never come.
Today is yours.
Act. Act. Act.

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