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Evoking Scarcity

What if things we don’t really lack today were actually scarce?


Are You Bold Enough To Be Happy?

Be Bold and Happy

On my long evening walk, I had a flash of startling clarity.

I realized that it took guts to be happy, contented, satisfied.

And to accept it to oneself.

Probably because it is so uncommon, a person who is happy with him/herself is an oddity.

And so, the rest of his or her circle of friends, acquaintances and associates try to make that obvious – and try to drag them back down into the pit of smoldering dissatisfaction that seems to be the norm for many.

It’s hard enough to be happy and content. First, it demands knowledge of what you really want. Then, it requires understanding that you have it – and deserve it.

Because this is so tenuous and unsure, it becomes easy for anyone to question, criticize and ultimately unravel the thin cocoon of happiness you weave around yourself… unless you are bold, confident and even – to a point – arrogant.

Earlier today, I had a conversation with a friend. He was pointing out ways I could do better with my efforts to fund heart surgeries for children. Each involved doing something that would involve a lot of time and effort, for little return.

I smilingly turned down his suggestions, managing not to offend him… while he subtly seemed to indicate I was leaving many children uncared for by doing so.

Thinking back to 10 years ago, when similar behavior might have made me defensive, and therefore abusive and angry, I feel a small thrill of satisfaction at my emotional development over the years.

After all, isn’t that what growing up is all about?


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Honk – Or Slow Down?

Honk or Slow Down

I was driving back home from hospital amid the usual cacophony of horns, which is the inevitable backdrop of any road journey in India, even on a Sunday morning!

To someone used to driving in the (relative) quiet of a major city in almost any part of the world (perhaps excepting Italy!), it can come as quite a shock to see how frequently, constantly and usually idiotically Indian drivers honk.

There was the man behind the wheel of a SUV who seemed agitated at every slowing of traffic flow (which happens each 15 seconds, by the way) – and was generous with sharing his feelings through the medium of his blaring, loud horn.

And there were his brethren in spirit, who in their own unique style, played supporting artists to his lead performance – and proved worthy members of that chaotic, noisy orchestra.

A quick glance at the faces of these anxious, stressed-out, frustrated road-hogs revealed their inner tension – a mirror of the kind of emotions guaranteed to raise blood pressure and heart rates, precipitate a stroke, or at best, leave one feeling sad, depressed and angry for a long while.

But I also noticed a few drivers who were ‘different’ – not just by the look of serene calm and quiet in their appearance.

They did something quite contrarian, even remarkable.

They slowed down!

And that made me think about how we tend to lead our lives – in all aspects.

All of us face hurdles, slow-downs and enforced ‘wait’ periods as we try to hurry and bustle through our day.

Yet some of us honk – while others slow down.

Which of us is happier?


9 Effective Time Management Secrets

How To Reduce Stress, Improve Productivity & Live In Harmony …By Managing Your Personal Time

Effective time management can help you avoid a stressful life. Take this time management advice to heart, try out these suggestions, and practice them until they become a habit. They will revolutionize your personal life and bring greater joy and fulfillment into your work.

So, you’re drowning under a deluge of work and overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of projects you are being asked to handle… and there’s more pouring in every day!

  • Can you feel the pressure building up?
  • Are you experiencing higher stress levels day by day?
  • Are your personal life, health and relationships suffering because of this?

Let’s put a stop to this nonsense – and learn how to reclaim your life once again!

With some simple tips for effective time management, you can turn the clock back and return to a peaceful, stress-free lifestyle – where you still manage to get everything done, just without the anxiety and frustration thrown in.

Ready to learn how? Great.

1. Start By Planning

Making a daily plan can help set the tone for your new life of relaxed enjoyment. Knowing what you have to do today can give you a sense of control and well-being. Prepare your to-do list every morning (or better still, last thing at night) and keep your highest priority tasks at the top. This keeps you from wandering off-track, chasing less important trivia and wasting time putting out fires, while critical tasks remain undone.

2. Set Priorities

  • Does stuff that’s urgent demand your attention?
  • Do tasks that are high priority for someone else tend to get pushed off onto you?
  • Is a person or something constantly distracting you from work?

It’s time to fix that – by setting your own priorities on tasks. When you know what is most important to you, you will be able to devote more time and energy to getting it done – and avoid wasting it on anything else.

3. Turn Down Work

If someone else wants your help with a task, but your own high priority jobs aren’t complete, you must learn to say “No” – and do it firmly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself floundering about wasting your time handling other people’s chores.

4. Delegate Tasks

Take a look at each item on your to-do list.

  • Is it something that you need to do yourself?
  • Is there someone on your team who can do it better?

If you can hand over your tasks to others, do it – because you’ll be free to concentrate on other things.

5. Do Quality Work

If you don’t have time to do it well, how will you find time to do it over? While it might take a bit longer to do a good and thorough job, it will still save you time over fixing what’s broken and correcting errors later on. That’s effective time management.

6. Chunk Down Tasks

Looking at a large and complex project encourages procrastination. You tend to shy away from taking on a new task, and put it off as long as possible. To avoid this delay, break down complex projects into a series of smaller tasks – and get started on the first one right away.

7. Review Your Performance

An effective time management secret it to frequently review your progress. Keeping a time log or worksheet will show you exactly how long you’ve been working on specific tasks. When you have records for a week, review them to see if your time is effectively used. You will definitely find areas for improvement. By constantly tweaking your process and reviewing progress, you will soon become an efficient time manager.

8. Retain Focus

Shiny new things distract you from your work. Once broken, your concentration is difficult to restore, and it sometimes results in completely abandoning a project. So to practice effective time management, block out time needed for projects and fiercely guard it against distractions. For important projects, you might refuse to see visitors, turn off the phone, and ignore emails or messages until it’s done.

9. Stay Healthy

Sleep well. Eat nutritious food. Exercise regularly. While all of this may seem out of place in a discussion about efficient time management, the truth is that when you are healthy, energized and fit, you’ll breeze through even difficult tasks with little delay or waste.

By adopting these techniques to effective time management, you will transform your level of success quickly and easily. Your stress levels will drop, your productivity will soar, and you’ll discover that you have enough time to deal with all the tasks on your priority list.

Time Management Tao teaches a method of managing time that is based on 3 timeless principles that lead you to harmony and inner peace. You’ll discover how to

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