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Winning The Race

At the end of this story, ask yourself a question:

“Which is the important race to win?”

It was a Sports Stadium.

Eight Children were standing on the track to participate in a running event.

* Ready! * Steady! * Bang !!!

With the sound of Toy pistol, all eight girls started running.

Hardly had they covered ten to fifteen steps, when one of the smaller girls slipped and fell down. Bruised and in pain she started crying.

When the other seven girls heard the little girl cry they stopped running, stood for a while and turned back.  Seeing the girl on the track they all ran to help.

One among them bent down, picked her up and kissed her gently and enquired as to how she was.  They then lifted the fallen girl pacifying her.  Two of them held her firmly while all seven joined hands together and walked together towards the winning post…….. .

There was pin drop silence at the spectator’s stand.

Officials were shocked.

Slow claps multiplied to thousands as the spectators stood up in appreciation.

Many eyes were filled with tears. And perhaps even God’s!

YES.!! This happened in Hyderabad, India, recently!

The sport was conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health.  All these special girls had come to participate in this event.  They were spastic children.

Yes, they were “Mentally Challenged”.

But what did they teach the WORLD?



Equality among all?

Successful people help others who are slow in learning.  So that they are not left far behind.  Sadly, we often don’t… because we have brains !!!!

So tell me… in your opinion:

Which is the important race to win? The one in the stadium?  Or the one in Life?”

This is really a great message… Please share it with a friend.

(I received this as an email from my friend, and thought it a fantastic meme to spread through my blog, too)



Any worthwhile achievement in history has been made at the cost of a sacrifice. In time. Of assets or resources. Even people’s lives.

“Take what you want, and pay the price” says God – Spanish proverb.

In a nutshell, one can sum up the concept of sacrifice thusly…

Give up something. Make sure it is valuable. Be seen to give it up.


Making a Sacrifice Means That You Care

About something. Enough to give up something else.

Success in career comes at the cost of a life of ease and pleasure roaming the world. Raising happy, healthy children involves an investment in time and attention. Growing a thriving crop needs sustained hard work up front in tilling the land.


How Big Is Your Sacrifice?

Giving up your first born at an altar to God was the supreme sacrifice we read about in mythology. In ancient times, farmers sacrificed their fattest cows and goats and pigs to appease what they saw as an angry Nature.

In general, the bigger your dream, the more you should be ready and willing to give up to reach it.


Does Anyone Care About What You Sacrifice?

This only matters when you care if anyone else sees what you’re giving up. (In many cases, that’s completely irrelevant.) But let’s say you do.

I could stop drinking tea for a day, and call it a sacrifice. A fellow tea-drinker would realize how big a deal that is… but not others.

For a bigger mission, the sacrifice must be broader based, one that others will understand – and appreciate.

For a “Heart Kids Blogathon“, I stay awake for 24 hours straight, updating my blog every 30 minutes, and doing it on Twitter too.

Thousands of people watch, participate and tell friends about it. Behind all this interest lies a sacrifice.

A relatively small one, in contrast to the really big ones that are made by families of the kids I treat for congenital heart defects. But a sacrifice nonetheless.

And my small sacrifice is to spend a day every year, spotlighting these real heroes in the journey of life. To show them off to you. To share their inspiring energy with you. To give you the same treasure I’ve received from them… the ability to trust that

DREAMS COME TRUE – If You Believe In Them With All Your Heart