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Ripples Build Homes

Of the non-profits I support, endorse and widely talk about to people, one of my favorites is the Caring House Project.

Real estate maverick entrepreneur Frank McKinney builds multi-million dollar mansions for the rich and famous – and uses some of the profits (plus donations) to build sub-$1,000 homes for the desperately poor and homeless in Haiti.

It has been my privilege to help fund a few homes through this project.

And to start off a ripple that has funded many more.

When Frank invited me to join one of his famous Haiti tours, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule, and asked a friend, Jeanette Fisher, to go instead. She went, and was so deeply moved by the experience that she became a donor herself, and also got a few more of her friends to donate to help build a house in Haiti.

Last month, in February 2009, Frank McKinney combined a triple book launch (he wrote a real estate guide, a self improvement book and a story book for children) with the inauguration of his $29 million green home, Aqua Liana, in a grand party in New York.

Once again, I couldn’t use my invitation but asked two friends, Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans if they would like to attend. They did – and became donors too.

But due to scheduling conflicts, they couldn’t make it to the launch party either, and so sent two other friends in their place.

By now, you’ve no doubt guessed what happens in such cases. Yes, these 2 friends became big donors for the Caring House Project.

Call it the ‘Ripple That Builds Homes’.

Why am I telling you about this?

Because you – yes, YOU – have the power to set off a ripple just like this. About anything YOU are passionate about, care deeply about, feel strongly about.

This weekend, take a few minutes or hours to think about the change you would like to see in the world, that would make it a nicer, better, happier place.

Think over the people or organizations or groups that are helping make that change happen.

Consider ways you can help that effort, and the people whom you think could make your ‘ripple’ grow and spread wider, faster, bigger.

Then – and here’s the hardest bit – FOLLOW your heart.

Know it will make a difference.

Take ACTION in casting that pebble that will set off a ripple.

Go on and do it. You could end up changing the world – TODAY!