Hug the World

Yeah, right!

Hold hands for world peace. Form a human chain to ban nuclear arms. Light candles to eliminate poverty.


I used to be as cynical as the next guy about tackling massive problems with apparently meaningless gestures.

As a ‘direct action’ person, I believe in tackling issues head-on. Like building awareness about congenital heart disease, and raising funds to treat children with heart birth defects.

But then, I met an amazing lady named Gail Goodwin – and she turned my belief system upon its head!

The story of what she has achieved, and how she did it is a fascinating read – you can see it on her blog, at “Inspire Me Today“.

Yesterday, I was directed to this video by Nick Vujicic. One line from this incredibly inspiring man was:

“I want to live a life with NO LIMITS”
(these words take on a special new meaning when spoken by a man who has no arms – and no legs!)

One person I immediately thought of when I heard it was Gail Goodwin. Her thinking is big – seemingly limitless.

In 2006, together with her daughter, Gail created the ‘World’s Longest Letter’ of love and support to U.S.troops, the “Baby Come Back Home Soldier Scrolls”. The scrolls were more than 18 miles in length when they were signed by Congress at the US Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Her latest dream is to embrace the world – literally!

global hug tour, gail goodwin
The Global Hug Tour takes off on a plane ride around the world, touching 50 countries and sharing 2,000 hugs in each. Just 2 people in a small plane, setting out to make a difference, to change the world!

Why do it? Gail was touched by the story of a Marine named Jesse who requested a hug, and shared with her that inspiration is what gets him through the time in Iraq.

Gail returned to the U.S. and created All 2.5 million army personnel have unlimited free access to ALL powerful, energizing and inspiring interviews with her ‘luminaries’.

In her own words: “In a time where fear, doom and gloom seem to be the topic of the day, we choose to change the focus to something positive. Through opening our hearts and celebrating our global connectivity, bridges can be built between us.”

That’s what the Global Hug Tour is all about.


Possibility that’s given a practical twist, where it takes on the mantle of probability – by the determined, focused and inspired actions of this dynamic duo… Gail Goodwin and her husband, Darryl, a veteran pilot.

Together, starting in May 2009, they will fly 30,000 miles around the world, stopping at 50 cities in 45 different countries – and share 100,000 hugs!

As they do it, they will also raise awareness about many critically important global problems like poverty, education, health care, children’s and women’s needs, wildlife preservation and entrepreneurship – and try to offer meaningful solutions.

No, they don’t think the Global Hug Tour will solve the Earth’s woes.

Yes, they believe we can make a difference together.

And we need YOU to help.

For a $10 contribution, anyone can become a Hug Ambassador by sponsoring the delivery of a hug.

You get to choose the city and cause where your donation will make a difference.

Gail is visiting Chennai, India, to support the efforts of our Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation. Think about it – just 100 hugs (or $1000) will save the life of a child with heart birth defects!

As a Hug Ambassador and supporter of the Global Hug Tour, YOU will make a difference.

Here’s where you can go to join the effort and sponsor a hug… click here.

In an eye-opening interview she did recently with Beth Kanter, Gail said:

“Imagine a world where we all played big, where we all contribute to the world in a bigger and more tangible way. If everyone focused on what’s right instead of what’s wrong… We want to inspire people to step forward in faith instead of fear and follow their own dream, knowing that with belief, anything is possible!”

I’m inviting you to be a part of that world.

Where YOU can play big. Where YOU can touch a life, make it better. Where YOU can live your deeper purpose.

Every day. One small step at a time.

If two regular people can follow their dream, then what’s stopping you from following yours?

You can become a Hug Ambassador.

Or you can simply hug someone today – and join the “Hug Me” game on Twitter (read the rules – it’s easy)

Whatever you want to do, do it. Because like Nick says in that video, “No Arms, No Legs, No Worries”:

“You’ve just got to keep moving in little baby steps… FORWARDS!

I’ll Match Your Hug!

If you become a Hug Ambassador and sponsor a hug for $10, I’ll match your contribution to the Global Hug Tour – so you’ll get to DOUBLE your impact!

I’ll do this for the first FIFTY hugs… one for each stop on Gail’s tour.

Click here to sponsor a hug. Then leave a comment on this blog saying you did it.