20 Top Personal Development Blogs For 2019 – Some Of Which You’ve Never Heard Before!

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Speaking for myself, I have a collection of favorite personal development blogs which regularly publish inspirational posts that I visit regularly.

Look, there are times when we all wind down. Grow weary. Get a little upset with things, people, and life itself.

Maybe we haven’t been sleeping well. Or have money worries. Or our relationships are going through a rough patch. Or there’s trouble at work. Whatever.

At times like this, it’s crucial to have sources that can inspire us along the journey we call life.

Your favorites will depend on what matters most to you. I find solace and motivation in learning from people who have been non-conformists, who have made the hard decision to follow their hearts, and have dedicated themselves to pursuing a passion.

Because their excitement and enthusiasm for life is infectious. It’s transformational. You’ll see that a part of that energy transfers itself to you while you read their posts, listen to their podcasts, watch their videos.

These people and their personal development blogs are a constant source of inspiration and ideas, especially during moments when you’re running short of them yourself. Their fabulous posts will instantly change your state of mind. They will energize and encourage you. Inspire and motivate you. Calm, relax and soothe you.

That’s why I’m sharing this list of the 20 top personal development blogs for 2019 with you today.

Hopefully these articles and books, videos and quotes, will light a fire in your belly and help you understand exactly what you want from your life.

And not just that… but also help you actually get it.

Of course, right here on Dr.Mani.com, I’m committed to sharing content that’ll make your life better. You get unlimited access to inspirational quotes, articles, reviews, special reports and ebooks. And there’s also my 20 top personal development blogs.

Quick note before you dive into them:

I have a special report ready for download. It includes 3 of my handpicked ‘best posts‘ from each of these 20 top personal development blogs. You can get it for free when you sign up to my email newsletter here: click now.

Ok. Let’s get started.

UPDATE: After compiling this list, I came to know about CONSCIOUSED through a lovely article on ‘Life Purpose‘ that you’ll LOVE! Check it out.

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

This self development blog is quite different from any of my other favorites, particularly because of how deeply researched and beautifully written the posts are. Maria Popova has published Brain Pickings for 12 years, and refers to herself as a ‘hunter-gatherer of interesting things‘.

You’ll find meaty articles about creativity, stoicism, dealing with anxiety, spiritual living and emotional growth – along with some lovely book reviews. A must-follow blog in the personal development space, Brain Pickings ranks among my all-time faves.

You might also enjoy listening to Maria’s interview with Tim Ferriss here.

Visit the blog at https://www.BrainPickings.org

Stephen Guise

Stephen Guise - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

On his personal development blog, Stephen Guise writes brilliantly about how to focus, build good habits, and practice minimalism. What’s unique is his logic-based approach – “88% logic, 12% inspiration” he says.

And that makes sense. After all, pure inspiration needs a pragmatic action plan to back it up, right?

This will help.

Visit the blog at  https://StephenGuise.com/

James Clear

James Clear - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

James Clear’s motivational blog takes a behavioral psychology approach to teaching the best way to develop new habits and boost performance. His articles and posts are fun to read, because he’s great at story-telling and has a way of making his points stick in your mind for long after.

James also donates a 5% share of his book royalties to charity (like me – I use 25% to 50% of my profits to fund heart operations for under-privileged children in India through the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation).

Visit the blog at https://JamesClear.com/


Riskology - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

Tyler Tervooren‘s blog sets out to improve your risk tolerance – by showing you a scientific approach to personal development. It’s for people stuck inside a comfort zone, looking to break out, but afraid to take the risk.

Riskology is about taking baby steps to success. The content is neatly and simply presented. Tyler’s style is engaging and friendly. You’ll feel like he’s taking you by the hand and walking you towards a better future…


Visit the blog at https://www.Riskology.co/

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

Lori Deschene has created a blog that dispenses wisdom, inspiration and a need for mindful living freely and in brilliant style. The Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself is a lovely introduction to what one of my favorite personal development blogs is all about.

Despite the name, this doesn’t have much to do with Buddhism, or indeed any other religion. It’s about life – and how best to live it.

Visit the blog at https://TinyBuddha.com/

Inspire Me Today

Inspire Me Today - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

Gail Lynne Goodwin‘s passionate writing shines through her blog, with some contributions from guest writers spicing up the content. The topics cover every facet of mindful living, from gratitude and vision, to goal setting, motivation, relationship building and forming success habits.

And you’ll hear from hundreds of Inspirational Luminaries whom Gail interviews regularly. (Full disclosure: I’m positively biased because she once interviewed me for it!)

Visit the blog at https://InspireMeToday.com/

Mark Manson

Mark Manson - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

Once you start reading Mark Manson‘s blog, you’ll find it impossible to stop. The posts are long, meaty, engaging and often funny as heck.

And while he swears like a sailor, it isn’t just to sound vulgar – but because his passion to transform your life shines through. If you love blunt, straight-from-the-gut advice on becoming your best self, check this out right away.

(You can also read my review of his best-selling book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck“) 

Visit the blog at https://MarkManson.net/

A Daring Adventure

A Daring Adventure - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

Tim Brownson is “the Life coach who gets people unstuck”. And his blog, ‘A Daring Adventure‘, will give you an inkling into how he does it.

A seasoned NLP practitioner who loves asking questions that get you thinking differently, he’s also a no-nonsense guide who sometimes swears and talks rough – because you’ll benefit from the tough love.

Visit the blog at https://ADarinAdventure.com

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

It’s hard to develop yourself when you’re struggling to earn a living wage. And personal finance is an important part of self development.

That’s why Ramit Sethi‘s blog is a shoo in to be included on this list. He’s among the top personal finance gurus and has taught millions about improving their finances. To learn how to save more, make more and have more, check out his blog and read his books.

Visit the blog at  https://www.IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com/

The Emotion Machine

The Emotion Machine - 20 Top Personal Development Blogs for 2019

The psychology of self improvement is beautifully brought out by Steven Handel in this great blog that’s “better than your local therapist“!

The range of topics covered will thrill and enthrall you. There’s stuff about statistics, skepticism and critical thinking alongside other posts about beating stress and finding meaning in whatever you do.

An eclectic, fun mix – and all top quality content. Enjoy!

Visit the blog at  http://TheEmotionMachine.com

Becoming Minimalist

Becoming Minimalist - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Joshua Becker teaches us about simplicity – and how a life that’s not busy, cluttered, or rushed is the most rewarding. If you look around and find too much of anything in your life, you’ll enjoy the Becoming Minimalist philosophy. Get rid of things so that you’ll have more time, energy and interest for more important pursuits.

Yes, less is more. And if you don’t buy into that, his articles on success, finance, parenting, cleaning up and beating stress will soon make a convert of you.

Visit the blog at  https://www.BecomingMinimalist.com

Purpose Fairy

The Purpose Fairy  - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Luminita Saviuc’s personal development blog reveals secrets we ignore, even as we realize they influence our thoughts and actions.

Purpose Fairy draws from the wisdom of sages over the ages. You’ll discover nuggets from great thought leaders including Socrates, Lao Tzu, Viktor Frankl and Albert Einstein. And as you imbibe their knowledge, you’ll grow in ways hard to imagine. So add this one to your blog reader right now.

Visit the blog at https://PurposeFairy.com/

Addicted 2 Success

Addicted 2 Success - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Joel Brown‘s success-oriented blog Addicted 2 Success deserves to be on any list of top self development blogs because it’s chock-full with powerful content on motivation and personal development.

There are blog posts, inspiring quotes, podcasts, interviews and videos designed to fire you up and energize you to pursue your goals and fulfil your destiny.

Visit the blog at https://Addicted2Success.com/

Scott H Young

Scott H Young - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

On his personal development blog, Scott Young chronicles how he met some ambitious challenges – and inspires us to deal with our own. He took MIT’s Computer Science program (a 4 year course) in just a year – without attending a classroom. And reads 70 books in a year.

On his blog, he discusses the lessons learned from these experiences with rapid learning, speed reading and improved productivity.

Visit the blog at https://www.ScottHYoung.com

Marc & Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

A personal development blog run by Angel and Marc Chernoff, Hack Life is loaded with actionable tips that will help you with relationships, habits, happiness and overall success in life.

The articles force you to look deep inside yourself, and tap into the passion and courage that will guide you to living your best possible life.

Visit the blog at http://MarcAndAngel.com

Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Danielle‘s a firecracker and her blog is fun. She writes about joy and happiness, being kind to yourself, forgiveness and gratitude.

You’ll enjoy the mix of practicality and mysticism as her words rewire your brain and set you up for a better future. Don’t miss this one.

Visit the blog at http://DanielleLaporte.com

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Barking Up The Wrong Tree - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Although I read a lot and follow many blogs, there are precious few I subscribe to. Eric Barker‘s is among them. That’s because I like to savor his detailed articles about productivity, goal setting, negotiation, parenting and persuasion.

Each one is elaborately researched – and he’ll often suggest a book or resource for further learning. The blog’s name ‘Bakadesuyo‘ translates to “I’m an idiot“. But I’d like to think it applies to ME… if I don’t read and follow Barker’s sage advice!

Visit the blog at https://www.Bakadesuyo.com/

Live Bold & Bloom

Live Bold & Bloom - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Barrie Davenport publishes this popular personal development blog. She’s a life transition coach and her writing spans a range of topics, from health to career and finding your purpose in life.

The articles are simple, fun to read, easy to understand – and yet they’ll stick in your mind for a long time, rewiring your brain for success, joy and achievement.

Visit the blog at  https://LiveBoldAndBloom.com/

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

I was introduced to Robin Sharma through his bestselling book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“. The life coach’s personal development blog is well worth exploring, too.

There’s a lot to learn from his recommended books, the early morning rituals of champions and his philosophy of “golden hours“. You’ll love it.

Visit the blog at https://RobinSharma.com

The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog - 20 Top Self Development Blogs for 2019

Ever since 2006, Henrik Edberg has been offering readers a regular dose of positivity and life advice on the Positivity blog. It’s still one of my favorite personal development blogs today.

If you want immerse yourself in the wisdom of great people like Gandhi, Bruce Lee and Mark Twain, or just get some simple, straightforward, perfectly logical suggestions that will turn your life around, go here and start exploring.

Visit the blog at https://PositivityBlog.com/

So that’s my collection of the 20 top personal development blogs.

It’s a great time of the year to start making plans.

Now, more than anytime else, is the ideal time to shift your focus to what you really want from life. To take a look at whether you have everything you need to get it – the right resources, strategies and support systems for success.

A New Year lets you put the past behind and move forward with quiet, clear determination into the future. I love this time of the year because it’s perfect for making new plans, building new habits, setting fresh goals and making meaningful changes in life.

I’ve been a keen student of personal development for all my life. I’m constantly learning ways to improve efficiency, get things done and beat procrastination. And an important component of my learning is from personal development blogs like these.

And being a student for life, I’m always on the lookout for new, great resources to learn from.

The Internet has put so much wonderful information within our reach – without having to pay thousands of dollars for access. The key, though, is finding the best, most relevant sources – and then, applying what you’ve learned from them in a systematic way to lead you towards your desired future.

I hope these 20 top personal development blogs become your favorites, too.

And if you publish one yourself, or know of any others that belong on this list, please share it in a comment below. This list is a work in progress. It will be continuously updated – so drop by often to see the new additions.

Or better yet, sign up to my email list and I’ll update you. (You’ll also get some cool gifts – including a free report listing my top 3 favorite posts on each of these 20 top personal development blogs!)

Click here to sign up today.

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