How To Turn What You Already Know Into Cash In The Bank!

Learn how to quickly build a profitable information business and turn what you already know into cash in the bank!

Internet infopreneur This is your ultimate guide to being an internet infopreneur.

Think, Write & Retire by Dr.Mani

How many times have you wished that you could earn a steady online income doing what you love and enjoy?

Let's talk about how to build an information empire around your passions.

Starting ten years ago, this guide has helped hundreds of new information entrepreneurs get started on the path to growing rich - from what they already know!

"Think, Write & Retire!" distills the training into a step by step program that you can use to follow in their footsteps.

* Do you want to write your own book - but aren't sure where to start?

* Are you looking for a "great idea" for your information products?

* Is it a lack of confidence that's holding you back?

* Or were you fooled into believing you've got to be a genius to be a writer?

Whatever it was, you can change that.

More amateur authors, speakers, home movie-makers and hobbyists are breaking into the big time in information product sales, thanks to the extensive and ever-growing reach of the Internet.

And they're doing it with astonishingly simple bestsellers that tap into lucrative niches and serve eager, hungry audiences in them... not once or twice, but year after year.

Just look at this list and ask yourself...

Could YOU have written any of these books below?

* "Surviving The Breakup"
* "Lies My Teacher Told Me"
* "101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women"
* "Raising a Daughter"
* "Wonderful Ways to Love a Child"
* "Life's Little Frustration Book"
* "35,000 Baby Names"

Of course. Anyone could have written them.

EACH one sold OVER 50,000 copies!

So WHY don't more people actually write more books like them?

'Think, Write & Retire' gave me renewed confidence that nearly anyone can create a respectable infoproduct. One of the most thorough, easy to understand infoproduct development programs I've seen to date. It's a complete product development program that's easy to understand.

Joe Pass

Now, this experience can be yours.

Among the many home-based businesses and opportunities being touted these days, one of the easiest, cheapest and most lucrative is being an "information entrepreneur".

Download the FREE 'Infopreneur Hotsheet' for a short, clear summary of the potential in being an information entrepreneur.

Nothing else offers greater potential for recognition, respect and financial reward than creating valuable and high-quality content to share with a worldwide audience.

It is the ultimate dream job!

With the right idea, a well-thought out plan and some persistence, ANYONE can build a successful information business on the Internet.

* You do NOT need expensive tools or equipment.

* You do NOT need a big advertising budget.

* You do NOT need an office, staff or employees.

In 'Think, Write & Retire', Dr Mani has compiled all his infopreneur expertise into one easy package... he just gives and gives."

Chris Garrett, author of "PROBLOGGER - Secrets to a 6-Figure Income'

You can launch an information business with a story... one that's based on your own experience, education or expertise.

By finding an audience that likes, wants and needs what you know, and telling them your story, you can quickly and easily launch an infopreneur career that will set you up for life.

The only two ingredients you must contribute are:

* Your Expertise
* Your Passion

You too have specialized information locked away inside your brain, that can become the core of your infopreneuring career.

If you compile, condense and creatively assemble what you possess, research, or discover, and thereby help people save time, energy or money, they will gladly pay you for it.

'Think, Write & Retire' is a great resource for anyone considering creating a part-time or full-time income from the Internet.

Terry Dean, author and Internet marketing pioneer

Many people worry that they don't have enough expertise to write a book or create an information product.

That's not correct.

Whatever happened in your life is worth money!

* Got a delicious chicken recipe your family raves about? 245,179 searches are done every month on the Internet for the word 'recipe'.

* Is your dog well-behaved, trained, groomed? There are over 125,000 people searching for 'dog training' who want to know how you do it.

* How about investing? Are you a stock-picking whiz? Every day, thousands of folks are scouring the Net for that 'killer edge' to make profitable trades or earn more money.

* There are kids looking for video game cheats or 'tricks' to win at chess.

* Shy men are seeking tips to land hot dates, become charismatic and sexy, gain more self-confidence.

* Geeks are hunting for a bug-fix in a complex sequence of code in the newest operating system.

There are MILLIONS of topics to create information products... if you have passion and expertise.

'Think, Write & Retire' demonstrates how absolutely anyone can leverage the power of the Internet to fuel their passions and live their dreams.

Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author

All you need is a guide to lead you along the way. How would you like to have a blueprint for everything you need to know about

* creating information products (like ebooks, special reports, white papers, even print books),

* building information resources (like minisites, blogs, memberships) and even

* developing unconventional infoproducts (like mentoring programs, teleseminars and audiovisual courses).

That's exactly what you'll find in this 98-page ebook called 'Think, Write & Retire!'.

You'll discover how to

* tap into your hidden assets and talents
* find eager crowds of prospective buyers
* create your first info-product, and sell it
* leverage this to create multiple streams of income
* quickly build strong, sustainable income streams

It's Your Step-By-Step, No-Nonsense Guide To Turn Words Into Wealth

Dr.Mani knows his stuff and he's passing it all on to you here in an easy-to-digest form.

Mark Joyner,

In the course of nine meaty chapters, you'll get:

* A brainstorming and strategy setting program to help you select hot, growing, profitable niche markets to mine for infopreur profit.

* Tools and systems to create dazzling information products that delight buyers and keep them coming back for more.

* The best business models to choose from in order to maximize your efforts and easily achieve your dream lifestyle.

* Detailed marketing plans that pull targeted visitors to your business without wasting money on advertising that doesn't work.

* Strategies and concepts to help you leverage early success into an ongoing business with massive growth potential.

"Think, Write & Retire" covers all essential components of information marketing including:

  • 1. Planning,
  • 2. Writing,
  • 3. Finding Partners,
  • 4. Production,
  • 5. Publishing, and
  • 6. Promotion

It debunks the myth that "Writing is hard, Getting published is harder still" by revealing self-publishing and alternative monetization models that will leave mainstream authors and traditional publishers gaping in amazement.

Dr Mani has put together one of the most comprehensive guides to making money from selling information that I have ever seen. Think, Write & Retire is a great buy.

Yaro Starak, Problogger and coach

'Think, Write & Retire!' will show you:

* how to tap into your hidden assets and talents
* how to find eager crowds of prospective buyers
* how to create your first info-product, and sell it
* how to use leverage to create a robust business
* how to quickly build sustainable income streams

Have you ever wanted to write your own version of the 'Great American Novel'?

Or turn what you already know into steady, continuously growing cash streams?

You Can Do It - As An Infopreneur!

Zero hype, rock-solid information, inspiring truths, and a jaw-dropping opening statement easily sends this book to the head of the class.

Tana Stewart

Here's how to write and publish the book that is inside you...

Let 'Think, Write & Retire' be your step by step guide to turn what you already know into cash in the bank!

We're Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

Think Write Retire 10th Anniversary Special Edition

This is a SPECIAL 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION of "Think, Write & Retire".

It's humbling to think about how many infopreneurs have had their lives touched and transformed by reading this guide over the past decade.

And still, the powerful message and lessons inside this book continue to resonate deeply with new readers. That's because the premise of turning words into wealth is itself timeless, ageless, everlasting.

Right from pre-historic times, people have told stories, shared their expertise, passion and knowledge with others - and profited from doing so.

The only thing that's different today is the way in which you'll share what you know... and the ways you can profit from doing that.

Order "Think, Write & Retire" today.

And to make the decision absolutely simple and risk-free, I'm going to offer you a special guarantee that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!


You Have No Risk At All

Think Write Retire 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hundreds of people have already bought and read "Think, Write & Retire" - and agree it is the BEST guide to turning words into wealth... ever!

With a soup to nuts approach that starts at the beginning and works up step by step, this course will guide you through every stage of planning, creating and selling your information product.

But in the remote event that you are not completely blown away by the information you received, I will extend you a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and put my money where my mouth is.

You can ask me for your money back at any time within the next 60 days and I'll refund you in full... no ifs, no buts, no delays.

That's a promise!

One Final Reason To Buy This Book

If you're still hesitating about whether or not to get "Think, Write & Retire", here's one last reason...

You'll Help Save A Child's Life!

47 Hearts Project

Through my infopreneur activities, I raise funds to sponsor heart surgery for under-privileged children in India born with congenital heart defects.

Yes, I write and sell ebooks to raise money for life-saving heart surgery for kids. Through bestsellers like 'Think, Write & Retire' and 47 HEARTS, I've funded operations for 152 little children until December 2019.

'Think, Write & Retire' is written by a technician with brains, skills AND a heart as big as Texas! A must read in my book!

Carrie Wilkerson,

During this 10th anniversary launch, too, a share of ALL profits from book sales will go to sponsor another child's treatment.

And YOU will help make this happen!


How To Order "Think, Write & Retire"?

You can buy a print copy of "Think, Write & Retire" from Amazon because it's nice to hold a book in your hand, or see it on your bookshelf.

But if what you care more about is the content, and you'd like to save a little money then you can order a digital e-book edition and save 35%.

Only $19.95

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Think Write Retire ebook cover


You can instantly download YOUR ebook to your computer, tablet or mobile phone - and be reading it within the next five minutes!

Go for it!

Your exciting future as an information entrepreneur awaits. You can choose to escape to enjoy freedom, choice and fun.

It's working for me.

And for hundreds of other infopreneurs who had no special advantage over you other than the desire to succeed.

You owe it to yourself to finally reach out and claim the success and freedom you've dreamed of... and deserve.

It's yours for the asking.

Right here. Right now.

All success,


P.S. - "Think, Write & Retire" will show you how to plug into the incredible inspiration, energy and passion that comes from aligning your meaningful work with your true purpose.

It's your passport to an exciting new land where happy, successful and wealthy infopreneurs enjoy life.

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Why do people love Think, Write & Retire so buch?

It's a comprehensive instruction manual on the art and craft of how to create information resources, monetize them effectively, and turn them into a profitable enterprise.

As a complete, step by step toolkit to start with an idea and build it into a business, this book would be a hit... even if it stopped there.

But that isn't the only reason why so many buyers are thrilled.

"Think, Write & Retire" isn't just a technical manual full of 'how to' tips. It's a heart-felt passion guide that shows you how to

* Tap into your deepest wishes and dreams.
* Feel energized by your desires and goals.
* Live your existential mission and message
* Discover how to dress it up, polish it until it shines
* And then, showcase it to the world!

"Think, Write & Retire" is a book that reminds you why you're doing what you do in the first place... and shows you how to plug into the incredible inspiration, energy and passion that comes from aligning your meaningful work with your true purpose.


Think, Write & Retire is truthful, simple, straightforward, and easy to read and understand. No hyperbole. The writing is metaphorical and symbolic. It provides concepts, perspectives, and shows the direction with clear examples.

It is helpful to newbies like me. It helped me to get the bird's eye view and an overall picture. With this, I can arrange all the incoming information to advantage. Organized information is more powerful than just more information.

Go for this. Get the gist of a $1,997.00 home study program for much less.

G.Sreenivasa Rao

I found the chapters both interesting and informative. I feel that the style in which they are written, makes them a very easy and pleasing read. I particularly like your decision to include real life examples of your own experiences, such as your early ezine and the original project plan for your current book.

This certainly helps hold the readers attention and helps to convince the reader that you do know what you are talking about and are writing from experience, not just research. Overall I found Think, Write & Retire to be very good, easy to read, informative and in some areas thought provoking. I certainly learned a few things.

Jeff Colshaw

From beginning to end, Dr.Mani shows you step by step, with facts, figures, and examples, how to turn your knowledge into profits, how to create a loyal customer base, find your niche, discover who wants what you have, and how to turn simple ideas of yours into a very lucrative business.

This was definitely a "can't put it down" read for me, and I'm certain it will be the same for anyone who wants to get into the Internet information business.

Tana Stewart