When Tomorrow Comes

My daughter’s final high school board exams were about to begin.

When I cast my mind back to when I was appearing for my own finishing tests, one thing stands out.

I could recite almost EVERY word in my text books – from memory!

Looking back on it 30 years later, though, I don’t have the faintest clue of even which topics were in them, leave alone the finer details.

I still vividly remember the home where I studied. The people around me at the time. Even an incident on the way to school for my first exam.

But not a word of what I had studied so thoroughly and well.

Now, this post could become an indictment of our system of education and evaluation, but I won’t go there.

Instead, think of it as a reminder – of the transient nature of things.

Even if seems all-consuming and important today, a few years later you won’t even recall broad details.

(My book has some stuff that will continue to stay important forever, though!)

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