The 5-Year Ripple

Water Ripple

I read a blog. It was about an event that happened some years ago. That event touched – and changed – many lives.

On that day, something changed. It happened INSIDE my mind. It was validation of a hope or dream that I had nurtured. It showed me that it was possible.

And that change had dramatic impact.

At that point, I was earning a modest income from my online business. Within the next two years, and aided by some powerful coaching by a business genius named Jay Abraham, I was donating more than that amount to my non-profit OUT OF my business profits!

It was the dream I had when I started online. I had planned to sponsor heart surgery for children in India who came from under-privileged families by earning enough money from my writing.

Today, the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation has funded over 100 operations. There are many smiling faces that were made possible by that dream. And at the heart of the dream was a mindset that took root on a very special day – August 17th, 2004.

Here’s the comment I posted on that blog:

For my CHD list, I was drafting out a similar note – to mark this special occasion.

What makes John’s ‘Million Dollar Day’ more uniquely special to me is that it was followed up by a donation of $10,000 to my non-profit foundation – which sponsored heart surgery for 4 children.

I like what John says about MINDSET. That single donation broke barriers in MY mind.

Over the years since, I have not only donated a lot to my foundation, I have donated to another foundation that builds houses for the homeless in another desperately poor country halfway across the world.

And in the process of doing so, inspired many more entrepreneurs, start up business owners and writers to reach out for their dreams.

That’s a RIPPLE.

One that started out in one mind, reaches across a globally networked world to touch and resonate with other people, inspires them to live up to their potential, and in turn encourages even more others to do the same.

In reality, then, it was NOT a ‘Million Dollar Day’ – it was more likely a BILLION DOLLAR DAY

It is my fond hope that by sharing this with you, I’ve helped set off another ripple. One that will spark off a fire in your heart. And encourage YOU to dream boldly – and then set out and change the world, in your own unique way.

And live your dreams.

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1 Comment
  • Aug 25,2009 at 4:02 am

    Hello Dr Mani

    That was a good read by John Reese.

    You have always guided me to see & read stuff of VALUE.

    Thanks much for saving me from being an idiot and wasting time on the web.

    I just have probably less than ten persons, whom I have programmed to appear within my eager, but very selective radar of choice.

    Today being the 25th of August 2009, I wish you great Success on the launch of your book “Think, Write and Retire”.


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