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Lenses For Life

We view the world around us – and the people in it – through lenses.

Our focus is often limited to a tiny part of the whole. We see snippets and tidbits of other people’s lives.

We don’t know – let alone understand – the rest.


Decide to Commit

For those who buy a course or program about ANYTHING – how long do you typically work on the system you learn in it?

Reminds me of an analogy I read in a book about success engineering.

Your journey to success begins in the center of a sphere, with the surface being your destination.

If you set out and keep moving, be it ever so slowly, in one direction – and stick with it – you’ll eventually arrive at the surface.

But if you start, pause, stop, turn, step back, change direction, and so on, you’ll keep moving around in circles around the center itself – and never get close to success.

What’s the point of this message?

Decide to commit to something – anything – today. Stick with it for 3 months. See if your results are any different from what you’ve enjoyed so far.



How To Eat An Elephant?

Eat An Elephant - One Bite At a Time!

As the answer to this childish riddle goes,

“You eat an elephant – one bite at a time”!

Turns out the lesson it teaches isn’t childish at all.

Over the years, many people have expressed amazement and awe at how many different things I’m involved with – and get done.

Any of at least my top 3 priorities could be full-time careers… heart surgery, writing and fund raising.

I juggle them all – and have managed to do it for almost 15 years. Yet I find time for other passions and interests.

Reading. Family time. Travel. And more.

How do I manage it?

One bite at a time!

Focus on one thing. Get it done. Move on to the next.

It’s simple – but not always easy!