How To Stay Focused At Work

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How To Stay Focused At Work With These 12 Easy Tips

So you're at your desk, working on an important project, when the phone rings. You answer. A colleague walks up to ask for something. You respond. Your eye catches a post-it note reminder to email a friend. You send it. A box pops up indicating a new tweet on your stream. You pop over to Twitter.

After aimlessly wandering about the hazy realms of cyberworld for an unspecified length of time, you return back to 'ground zero' only to discover you're no closer to getting the job done - and are running dangerously close to missing your deadline.

You are not alone. The average worker spends 15 minutes concentrating on the task on hand - when he is lucky! It's worse for men, who are hard-wired to be more attention-deficit than their female counterparts. And younger generations are finding it tough to retain more than a few moments of attention amidst the clamor and urge of social media and text messaging.

So what can you do? How to stay focused at work amidst all these distractions and temptations?

We asked a few workers how to stay focused at work and they gave us remarkably similar answers. Those are distilled here into 12 easy-to-follow tips for your convenience.

1. Find out why you lose focus. Knowing whether you are hungry, irritable, tired or addicted to social media when you get distracted is the first step to solving the problem.

2. Prepare to face you day. Planning is a good exercise to keep you on focus. Having a written list to work your way down is helpful.

3. Eat. Well. You cannot concentrate on work when your tummy is grumbling for food. A hearty breakfast can do wonders for your focus.

4. Practice meditation. It trains you to focus on things. With some practice, you'll get admiring co-workers asking you how to stay focused at work - and you can tell them your secret!

5. Get off the grid. Not really. But off the virtual grid, life gets a lot less distracting. So turn off that cellphone, log off the Internet, and close the doors of your office room - to focus your attention on the work at hand.

6. Start small. Bigger projects that take a long time tend to lose your interest. Set milestones, get one component done, make it easy to accomplish. That's how to stay focused at work.

7. Work in time blocks. Don't just keep going until the task is done. It might lead to one thing taking over your work day and missing out on others. Instead, set time limits - and schedule breaks after they are over.

8. Keep your work area neat. Being organized and clearing up your desk of clutter does wonders for productivity and efficiency.

9. Harness technology. There are software tools and apps to keep you focused. For instance, Rescue Time logs how long you hang around on social media. Some apps close down a window after a pre-set interval.

10. Give yourself a prize. Something small but nice will do. It's meant to reward you for being focused.

11. Take frequent breaks. It re-sets your attention clock and improves efficiency. Working in short bursts lets you get more done. That's another secret of how to stay focused at work.

12. Tune out noise. Wearing headphones, ear plugs or noise-canceling devices can create the illusion of working in a quiet room, even if your office area is noisy.

By following these simple tips, you won't ever have to ask how to stay focused at work. In fact, others will marvel at your ability to do it!

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