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Why do people find it so hard to be focused while working or studying? It perhaps is because of too many distractions around that they find difficult to resist.

It is a general problem that the thing you are supposed to do always seems less interesting or boring than other activities going on nearby. However, you need to complete the task you are engaged upon, and for that you need to be focused.

Here are some tips that will help you learn how to be focused.

Make your work exciting

As already mentioned, a big problem is that the work you are assigned generally seems to be boring compared to those around. But why not try to make your work exciting. According to psychologists if you are completely into what you are doing, you will not get distracted by other things around. So, your first tip for how to be focused is to make your work exciting.

Set a target

Next, you need to try and quantify your result. How would you want the end result of your staying focused effort to be? Visualize the end result. Now, ask yourself if that's within your reach. Will you feel satisfied when you achieve it? If your answer to these questions is "Yes", then the target you have set is tantalizing enough, and you will put in enough efforts to achieve them.

Set both long and short term goals

Your target might be quite a long shot, so it will be a great idea to set some shorter term goals to keep giving you a feeling of accomplishment each time you reach a milestone. A proper goal setting system will show you the perfect way to break your target up into smaller sub-goals, and make sure that you progress according to your plan. As you try and achieve your targets and goals you will stay focused.

Keep distractions at bay

You obviously know that while you are working, anything can end up distracting you. So you need to keep all such things away. Turn off your mobile phone while working, and tell those around you to talk softly. Turn your music system and the TV off, and stay as far away from them as possible. If you really want to know how to be focused you must keep all unnecessary stuff out of sight and reach.

Learn to concentrate

If you meditate it will greatly help improve your concentration. It is not necessary that you always need to be in an arduous yoga pose to mediate. Sit in any comfortable position and then try to focus on something for a decided amount of time. This will help improve your focus greatly.

Reward yourself

Rewards play a very important role in the learning process. When you achieve your goal, award yourself something more than a mere pat on your back. Treat yourself to something nice. You might go out to watch a movie or have dinner with friends. This will compensate you for all the effort you have put into hitting that milestone, and motivate you to give your best in the future you as well.

Follow these simple tips on how to be focused and you will start noticing great positive changes in yourself within no time at all.

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