Setting Limits

Setting Limits

Often our brains are fired up by demands to “dream big”.

In principle, that’s fine. But setting limits has a place, too.

Let’s take the example of ‘making more money’. How much is good to aim for?

Some will say a few hundred dollars, some a few thousand, some a few million – and all will be critiqued by a few for not “dreaming big”.

Yet, when you dig deeper into the WHY, all these answers may be perfectly correct!

If all you NEED is a few extra bucks to tide over a problem or enhance your quality of life, without sacrificing all else, then that’s your right target. You don’t need ‘bigger’.

Maybe your existing commitments mandate little time available for other things.

Personally, my online work generates money to further a purpose… to fund complex and expensive operations for poor children with congenital heart disease.

If I devote most of my time to making money, I could achieve ‘big’ targets – but unless I have time and energy to perform surgery, that does NOT further my goal.

‘Big’ is big ENOUGH.

To fuel your ambition. To fire your dream. To live your purpose.

Set limits. Reach them. Push them out a bit further.

Rinse and repeat. Grow. Succeed.

And be happy as you do.

It begins by setting limits.


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1 Comment
  • May 12,2009 at 10:24 am

    Setting limits.

    Rinse and repeat.

    My Hard drive is a mess.

    Ashamed at my self – there is no where to hide.

    A 192 page – basically a pocket style book – ” Choose your own Computer by Peter Rodwell had been purchased by self in 1984.

    Though, a friend presented me with a “Sinclair Z something 81” – which was like learning Greek to me, I bought my own computer – as late as 2002.

    1984 to 2002 is a long time – what have I been doing all this while?

    The Trashcan has now become the Recycle Bin – in basic comuter
    parlance & I have been training flight attendants for 16 years
    (retired now).

    Remember, the comments I have made about the Hand bag that some of the females carry – it is overtly overstuffed.

    I have told them time & again that it is not a Trashcan & should be handled like a Recycle Bin.

    They were much younger to me – in the range of 35 to 25 years.

    Setting limits is the VISION & rinse / repeat is the journey or the MISSION.

    Grow & Succeed follows.

    I am seeing it – atleast now.

    Thank You, Sir.


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