How To Write Effective Follow Up Email

Follow Up Email Marketing

Make follow up email your new best friend!

In a world that’s whizzing by in a rush, getting your prospect’s attention is hard work.

Keeping it long enough to make your pitch is harder still.

That’s why you shouldn’t try to do it all at once. Break it up. Repeat your message. Drip your marketing campaign into their email inbox. And over time, you’ll win mindshare – which leads to closing a sale.

Follow up email marketing is the best way to do this cost-effectively.

You’ll be amazed after studying this free report to see just how profitable it can be to repeat your marketing message via email to the same audience. In fact, if reading the case study I’ve shared in it doesn’t get you excited about running follow up email campaigns, then you should check to see if you still have a pulse!

Yes, that’s how exciting this business optimization tactic is. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of it, and will show you exactly how you can, too.

Like my other reports in this Email Marketing Success series (which you can read online for free – click here for the links), this one also shares the powerful lessons learned from a 26-week mentorship program where I trained under three of the best-known email marketing specialists in the world.

The program cost me $5,000.00 – but what I picked up from that training has earned me a huge multiple in return. Now you can get some of the best, most effective and highly profitable lessons from this course – absolutely free!

But there’s a problem with that.

We tend to value something based on how expensive it is, or how difficult it is to get. And when I share this detailed process without charging you a small fortune for it, you’ll tend to undervalue it – or even dismiss it as “worthless”.

And that could be the BIGGEST mistake of your marketing career!


How To Upsell Customers – Quickly & Easily

How To Upsell Customers

Upsells are the hands-down winner.

Whenever I ask myself which is the single most powerful business concept that left a huge impact on my online selling, the quickest way to influence, persuade and sell, the answer is obvious. It’s always the upsell.

Once you learn how to upsell effectively, you’ll increase your profit by anywhere between 25% and 250% (or even higher)… with practically no extra effort or expense.

Over 20+ years in email marketing, I’ve been asked many interesting questions about selling through email and ezines. A favorite bunch of them have to do with the upsell.

  • What is an upsell?
  • How to upsell?
  • What’s the difference between cross sell and upsell?
  • Do I need an upsell strategy?
  • Can you show me upsell email examples?
  • Which are the best upsell opportunities?

Time Management – Do You Know Where Your Time Goes?

A few months ago, I downloaded a tiny time management application that runs on my desktop computer where I work online.

It runs in the background, unobtrusively. I don’t even notice it.

Once every week, I receive an email in which there’s a summary time management report – about how I spend my online time.

It is always eye-opening.

This is how a summary report might look:

Time Management - Rescue Time Management report
When I hover over the bars on the right side, it gives me a break-up of which websites or applications I’ve spent time on.


This Time Management Exercise Will Enhance Productivity

A time management exercise that makes you more efficient and productive does not have to be elaborate or complex. It can be as simple as being sure to think out all steps in the process – and plan them out.

One of the most critical ways thinking about time management has grown over the years – and helped optimize time for millions of people – is by learning how important it is to think about tasks and projects in terms of processes.

Let me illustrate this with the example of creating and selling an ebook. In the past I would stumble through the project in fits and starts, trying to get components done – and waiting until one is completed before beginning another.


4 Time Management Strategies That Actually Work


Easy, Powerful Principles To Boost Effectiveness For Students & Working People – Instantly


Time management strategies are necessary to improve your effectiveness at study or work. By learning how to implement a 4-part strategy to managing your time, you will miraculously find 3 extra hours or more in your over-crowded day, and stay on top of your work-load almost effortlessly. Better still, you will take the stress-free route to achieving all your goals and targets.

The most complicated time management strategies begin with these simple steps.

1. Create Your Schedule

Depending upon your nature of work and your unique time management needs, your schedule may be for a semester (if you’re a college student), or a year (if you’re setting targets for a financial/budget year), or a decade (if you’re planning a personal time management system).

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