What Happened To… ?


It’s the eternal question.

Billions of parents have asked it across history.

“Where Did The Years Go?”

As our little one prepares for college, that’s what my wife and I ask each other.

What Happened To…

  • The tiny infant who’d cuddle over your shoulder, or rock to sleep in your lap.
  • The toddler who’d demand to get out of her pram – only to then plead to be picked up and carried, because “baby can’t walk”.
  • The kindergarten kid who’d run up to you to “help tie my shoelaces, please”.
  • The trusting little child who’d slip her hand into yours for safety while crossing the road.

How – and when – did that helpless, demanding, vulnerable little thing morph into a self-assured, confident, independent young woman?

I can’t point to a moment or event that made it happen. It was a process. With ups and downs, troubles and tribulations, stress and heartbreak.

But what came out of the melting pot is pure gold.

And I’m proud of being one of the alchemists behind the transformation we call…

“Growing Up!”

P.S. – If you’re all grown up already, then read my book. (Oh, it’s ok to read it while you’re growing up, too!)

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Risk Reversal : How To Take Away Their Risk

Keep this in mind.

In any transaction in business, one of the two sides is being asked to assume a greater portion of the risk.

If you can minimize (or completely eliminate) the risk your prospect is asked to take, that could become one of the most powerful levers in getting them to begin a relationship with your business.

If you’re making some sales, moving your product, offering your services – WITHOUT a strong guarantee, imagine how much more you can achieve with a great risk reversal process in place!

I changed my risk reversal statement using some tested and proven concepts – and saw my sales conversion TRIPLE, even though…

It was for one of my higher priced products.

And yes, because of a strong risk reversal offer, there were more refund requests.

But they only increased by 15% over what it was before, while there were three times more buyers… and so I ended up more than doubling my profits, just from this single business optimization force-multiplier!

That’s how effective a powerfully denominated, clearly stated, bold and unconditional guarantee can be to your business. But there’s more to it than just slapping a risk reversing statement on your sales process.


How Powerful Are Testimonials, Endorsements And Reviews

Testimonials To Boost Web ROI

What goes into making up an effective testimonial?

That’s a fascinating question – and the answer will constantly evolve, changing as you get more and more of them.

If you haven’t got any testimonials until now, that’s ok. I didn’t either – when I got started! Now I have many.

You’ll just need to work on going out and getting them too.

  • From your buyers
  • From your subscribers
  • From your suppliers
  • From your partners
  • Even from your friends and family, to begin with

There’s an effective method to get specific, useful, informative testimonials which will have the most impact on building your profits, and help you make more sales.

So if you would like to further enhance the power of this effective lever in further building your success in business, you should plan on learning more and more about ‘testimonial marketing’ – and add force to your business.

Have you ever wondered why testimonials are so effective in closing sales and boosting profits?

It goes back to an evolutionary principle that guides survival of the human race itself…


Split Testing Or A/B Testing

A/B Split Testing

Split testing is about comparing two different versions of any element of your sales website, one against the other.

The goal: To find which version works better.

  • One headline against another may pull 3 times as well.
  • One risk reversal against another may get twice as many conversions to sales.
  • One set of bonuses against another may cut your refunds down to half.

All successful online entrepreneurs test things; many of them do it obsessively.

But if it’s such a powerful force multiplier that can turbocharge sales and boost revenue/profit, why don’t all business owners split test all the time?


  • It’s boring.
  • It’s repetitive.
  • It’s time consuming.

And so, although it’s wildly profitable, many marketers don’t split test ANYTHING.

If you do, you’re already ahead of the curve. You’re tapping into one of the most profitable strategies of all – constant, never ending improvement.


Recurring Billing And Continuity Programs

Recurring Billing

The constant struggle for making new sales can grow tiring after a while.

There’s always pressure to find new prospects, convince them to buy from you, overcome objections and finally close the sale.

Well, here’s a solution that’ll appeal to you.

By implementing a recurring billing process, you can effortlessly raise your profits… while cutting down on your work.

Remember – it costs you a certain fixed time, effort, expense to get a client… it doesn’t matter if they

  • spend $5 with you,
  • or $10,
  • or $200
  • or even $2,000.

And it’s the same if your client buys from you

  • one time in a year,
  • or once a month,
  • or once a week
  • or even once a day

By increasing their frequency of purchase, you can boost your business’ bottom line profit.

And by setting up recurring billing processes, you can get a steady inflow of cash for very little extra effort or expense!

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