4 Rules For Dreamers

dreamer - 4 rules for dreamers

I’ve been called an optimist, dreamer and idealist.  I’ve also been called a cynic, pessimist and nihilist.  But I think of myself only as a pragmatic realist.  The kind who practices a realpolitik equivalent in my day to day life!


The Book That Transformed My Nephew’s Life

The Emotion Prism

It was only a week back that my favorite nephew was sad and depressed, a broken man. His brow wrinkled with worry, his face pale and haggard. There were dark circles under his bloodshot eyes.

“You look terrible. Is it just the jet lag? Or a hangover?” I asked.


In Search of Permanence

I’m reading a fascinating narrative of Delhi’s history, through a succession of rulers and dynasties spanning over 900 years, in William Dalrymple’s enjoyable book, City of Djinns


Lenses For Life

We view the world around us – and the people in it – through lenses.

Our focus is often limited to a tiny part of the whole. We see snippets and tidbits of other people’s lives.

We don’t know – let alone understand – the rest.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia : a Photo Essay

“One of these temples — a rival to that of Solomon, and erected by some ancient Michelangelo — might take an honorable place beside our most beautiful buildings.”
Henri Mouhot, on Angkor Wat

We watched the sun rise behind the Angkor Wat.

Then, before entering, our guide stood us outside to talk about the history of this temple. One thing he said was startling.

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