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King Solomon’s wisdom is the stuff of legend.

As one story goes, two women arrived at his court with a newborn infant, to settle a dispute over whose baby it was. 



A song in a movie I watched recently was lovely, haunting. It keeps drawing me back to listen, over and over again.

The singer is popular. Her Facebook page has over a million fans. A simple post on it – saying “Good morning” – has over 13,000 ‘likes’.



A Silicon-valley entrepreneur makes it big. Cashes out, making a fortune. Moves back to Mumbai. His wife takes a stroll down the promenade on Marine Drive, holding her 3 year-old son by the hand.


Clean Cut

In movies, in novels, in drama, we’re tuned to expect a clean cut story.

Things are as they should be. Neat. Ordered. Structured.

Maybe not in the details, but in the big, broad picture.

Life, though, is messier.


The Illusion of Control

“You are the master of your own destiny!”

The words screamed off the pages of a self-help book I was reading in my mid-20s. They burned themselves into my malleable mind, becoming a mantra.

It was also when, for the first time, I had control over some things.

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