General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – A Simple Primer

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR May 25th 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new legislation governing personally identifiable information (PII) and privacy of citizens of the European Union (EU). It goes into effect from May 25th 2018.

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Every organization that collects and uses data in Europe needs to know how to get GDPR compliant quickly. It’s urgent and important because non-compliance could be costly.

This simple guide to GDPR was written to help you with this.


Book Reading Journey : Books We Grow Out Of – And Then Grow Back Into

It’s interesting how a book reading journey evolves. Here’s my book journey…


Right out of kindergarten, Noddy’s brightly colored storybooks and his Toyland friends became good pals – to visit as often as possible in the library.

Secret Seven and Famous Five

At age 7, it was fun to solve ‘mysteries’ with the SS and Scamper. But a couple of years later, when the Famous Five (with Timmy) became my favorite series, the 7 seemed ‘childish’ by contrast.

William and Hardy Boys

Entering double digits, the rough and ready William and his Outlaws won my heart for adventure, alongside Frank, Joe and Chet. Nice, clean fun with just a hint of mortal danger, that paralleled our way of life in middle school.


Getting Nuanced

Getting Nuanced

Crossing the road any major Indian city is an art; a challenge; an act of daredevilry.

Yesterday evening, I came to a halt at the sight of a line of crazily veering vehicles – only to feel a tug at my arm.

I turned my head.

“What are you stopping for?” asked a querulous voice.

It was my daughter. The same little girl I would instruct, in serious tones, to “not try this when you’re alone” on the rare occasions we’d dart across a busy intersection.

This was a weird reversal of roles.


Why Do You Write Book Reviews?

Why Book Reviews


I’ve invested dozens of hours in writing book reviews. For various reasons.

Reason #6: To Pause and Think About The Book

In the midst of a hectic work and life schedule, I squeeze out time to read. And in the past, I hardly ever found enough time to ponder upon what I’d read.

Nowadays, I carve out time for doing it – by writing book reviews.

It’s a chance to revisit the book; recall favorite or insightful bits; re-live the experience. And then, share it in a review.


Book Review: Urmila – by Pervin Saket

Urmila by Parvin Saket

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Urmila by Pervin Saket is a lovely read that appeals on many levels.

Having recently read Kavita Kane’s book about Urmila, I appreciated the parallels Pervin loosely draws between her heroine and Lakshman’s wife in the Indian legend.

But this is a different story. More urban. More contemporary.

It’s fundamentally the tale of a girl from a middle-class Maharashtrian family living in crowded, cosmopolitan Mumbai. She marries into a wealthy family, cares for her elderly parents-in-law, and craves the love and affection of her rather detached husband.

What sets it apart is the author’s skill in turning this rather mundane tale into a masterpiece. One that takes an egg-whisk to your feelings, stirs up emotion and gets under your skin.

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