Why Long Form Content (Sometimes) Sucks

Long form content

I found a great article about search engine optimization (SEO).

As I started reading it, my excitement grew. There were many ideas in it that I was eager to try out right away.

But the piece was so long, I had to break up the read into 3 parts.

By the time I reached the end of it, I’d forgotten most of what came before!

Too many experts and authorities advocate creating LONG form content pieces that cover a topic comprehensively. But there’s such a thing as being “too thorough”.

And that’s counter-productive!

Get to the point.


And finish whatever you’re saying.


In our attention-starved, fast moving world, that’s how to get noticed – and followed.


Long letter Mark Twain quote

“I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”Mark Twain

Why Long Form Content (Sometimes) Sucks
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Why Long Form Content (Sometimes) Sucks
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