A Silicon-valley entrepreneur makes it big. Cashes out, making a fortune. Moves back to Mumbai. His wife takes a stroll down the promenade on Marine Drive, holding her 3 year-old son by the hand.

Her phone rings. Briefly, she lets go of his hand to pull the gold iPhone 6 special edition ($3,597 retail) out of her purse.

The ball he had been clutching tightly slips from his tiny fingers and bounces into the road. Unthinking, the toddler turns in pursuit of it.

In the distance, a powerful roar of a high-speed motorcar grows louder. An Audi doing at least 80 kmph.

In just a few seconds, both their paths would cross.


The near-naked, dirty man lying on the roadside is what a callous, uncaring world would refer to as among “the dregs of humanity”.

Maybe he was of noble lineage. Or perhaps he was born in a slum. No one could tell. Not even himself. Because he was unaware of anything but the craving for his next drug fix.

In a chemical-induced euphoria, he swings his arm out – and knocks over a garbage can.

The lid falls off with a loud crash.

The noise distracts the little boy, who stops to look.

The car whizzes by at high speed.

The mother grabs her son, sobbing in relief.


There’s a simple message in this story…

Every human life matters.

If you like simple messages, my book is full of them.

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