A song in a movie I watched recently was lovely, haunting. It keeps drawing me back to listen, over and over again.

The singer is popular. Her Facebook page has over a million fans. A simple post on it – saying “Good morning” – has over 13,000 ‘likes’.

That’s right. No kidding!

Thirteen THOUSAND.

No wonder so many dream of celebrity.

Of being able to get hundreds, thousands, even millions of others to dream, to drool, to sigh, to yearn…

It’s addictive to imagine having an impact on people.

That got me thinking. About the people we influence. And about impact itself. 

Some effects are short-lived, more superficial than others.

  • An ill-tempered conductor on the bus, or a boorish store clerk at a checkout line, can make you angry – for a few minutes
  • An actor’s role in a film, or the angelic voice of a talented singer, may keep you happy – for a few hours
  • A caring teacher will leave a deeper and longer-lasting effect, even one that transforms your life – for years to come

The intensity of any impact also varies.

  • A casual insult or thoughtless remark stings a bit
  • A friend’s support is warm and encouraging
  • A loving spouse’s affection, or a doting parent’s love, touches your heart

But just because it is transient and shallow doesn’t mean any impact is  negligible.

  • Annoyed after a trivial argument, a driver might recklessly speed through a red light – and kill someone.
  • A miser, moved by a documentary film, may write a check to support a charity – and save a child’s life.

For someone, somewhere, the consequence of even a random act of influence could be life-changing… in a dramatic, painful, and permanent way.

And YOU could be the one with influence.

The one who’s making an impact. Even if you’re not a celebrity. Because…

Every Impact Matters

If you like this post, there is no reason to believe you would also love my book and recommend it to everyone you know.

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