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An Insider Look at Dr.Mani’s Guide on How To Focus, Beat Procrastination & Get Things Done

So you want to learn how to focus, beat procrastination and get things done?

In a social media driven online world, the one thing we most lack is focus. Social media accounts for 18% of time spent online. Phone calls, email and mail account for another 14%. The average person networks online with friends and peers for around 7 hours every month. That’s twice as long as in 2006.

Be it on Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest, or even browsing blogs or watching video on YouTube, these distracting activities consume precious hours we can never win back. Ever.

And we’re not even talking about the bigger time wasters offline!

Television claims nearly 60 hours every week – a stunning 10 hours a day, on average, per viewer. In contrast, the time spent on caring for others in the household is barely 15 hours per week.

All of this has an impact on how well we can concentrate on work that really matters. Things we need to do. Goals we want to achieve.

We must learn how to focus.

Read “How to Focus” and discover the secret to beat distraction!

How To Focus – Stop Procrastinating
& Get Things Done
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Condensed into this short, crisp, tightly written guide are little known secrets guaranteed to save you at least 3 hours every day!


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Can a book or report teach you how to focus?

It may seem unlikely, but studies have proven time and time again, that a well-structured book can transform lives suddenly and dramatically – by focusing on a trigger or pressure point.

  • One that instantly shifts a reader’s paradigm and worldview
  • Shows in stark contrast how wasteful procrastination can be
  • Paints a clear picture of the dangers of never reaching one’s goals

“How to Focus” by Dr.Mani is one such book. In 49 value-loaded pages, this simple yet powerful guide has the ability to shift your mindset immediately.

At several different points in the book, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement as the author takes you through an intriguing journey where you’ll learn how to explore goal setting, beat procrastination, and get things done… all of this through simple, easy to understand analogies.

Here’s an example.

The Ladder Against a Wall

One of many stories that drive home the importance of learning how to focus, tells us about a rich treasure stored in a chest that’s on a high loft. One can only reach the loft by a long ladder. Climbing each step is hard work, and needs tremendous concentration, focus and effort.

But even if you have all these skills and successfully reach the top of the ladder, everything is wasted if you miss out on one important step right at the beginning… not checking if your ladder is leaning against the right wall!

The graphic power of this simple analogy helps drive home an important point… the need to focus on the right things. If all you’ve done before is to mindlessly strive to complete things on your to-do list without ever critically asking if they are indeed the right things to get done, this startling insight will totally alter the way you approach work in the future.

This book will change your style of working completely. You’ll find yourself asking the critical question at the very beginning of any new project, or before taking up a new task. This way you will focus on the most important things – and ignore the fluff and drivel that clutter up your life.

Taking Stock and Moving Ahead

The next section of the book teaches you how to take stock and analyze your present situation, in order to plan your strategy and take decisive action to reach your goals.

With a simple exercise in “How to Focus” – an easy question-and-answer session that’ll take you just 15 minutes to get through – you’ll have a clear idea of where you stand right now.

And this knowledge is crucial to taking the next step… to concentrate on getting things done.

Once you’re aware of your circumstances, it is important to know what you need to reach your goals. Going through the steps that you’ll learn in “How to Focus” will help you identify the resources and tools necessary to make a difference, and then go about acquiring them or assembling your team.

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Planning Your Future

Your focus needs to be directed to meaningful activity in order that your actions have the biggest impact. Having a plan for your future is the best way to align your purpose and targets with a daily or weekly sequence of activities.

“How to Focus” will show you how to visualize where you want to go, and then draw up a blueprint that takes you there in the shortest, quickest, easiest way. Once you’ve hammered together an action plan, it becomes child’s play to simply follow the steps to reach even your biggest, most ambitious goals.

The key, then, is to set the right goals, and follow through with focus and concentration.

And because there will always be distractions that draw you away from these activities, you must understand the things that influence your focus so that you can master the solutions. That is explained in this guide as well.

Through a simple set of probing questions, the author helps you identify areas where you need greater clarity and conviction. Once you become aware of the pitfalls and dangers that have held you back and destroyed your concentration, it becomes easy to steer clear of them and retain your focus on what truly matters.

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My “How To Focus” Review

How To Focus Reviews

There are many books that teach you how to focus. And there are any number of gurus and coaches who can instruct you on the basics of drawing up a to-do list, attacking it with gusto, and accomplishing a few tasks.

But in a distracting, noisy and attention-deficit world, you need extra-ordinary focus and concentration to stick with what matters if you want to reach your biggest goals.

“How To Focus” is not a casual “feel good” tutorial. It is a simple series of steps to follow if you want to beat procrastination, develop extreme concentration, and get things done.

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I have only recently started using the process, but already have enjoyed improved focus and am able to accomplish far more than before by putting these simple principles to work. You’ll enjoy the same advantages too.

As other readers who have used these concepts attest, this is a book you must read if you’re serious about learning how to develop better focus and get things done.

And from knowing Dr.Mani as a true expert in staying focused on the right things, one thing is clear…

For those looking to develop better concentration, and especially for people who find it hard to stay focused and get easily distracted, this book will transform your life and help you become more productive.

After reading this book, you’ll find yourself enjoying:

  • lesser stress and frustration
  • fewer distractions and interruptions
  • greater achievement and accomplishment
  • higher profitability and better results
  • deeper satisfaction and greater fulfilment

Try out “How To Focus” now – click here*

Is “How To Focus” Worth The Price?

That’s hard to say. Only you can decide if it’s worth it – for you.

There’s one nice thing about this offer, though. You won’t be taking any risk. Dr.Mani offers an unconditional 100% money-back refund guarantee on “How To Focus” in case you are not completely happy with what you get.

So rather than trying to decide whether or not it’s right for you, think about what the value of this book might be in your future… and if it makes sense, try it out risk-free under the guarantee.

Try “How To Focus” for yourself from the official website.

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If you want better concentration, this book will transform your life and make you more productive.

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After reading ‘Knife At A Gunfight’, you’ll enjoy:

  • lesser stress and frustration
  • fewer distractions and interruptions
  • greater achievement and accomplishment
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  • deeper satisfaction and greater fulfilment

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