Diwali, Lights & a Revelation

You know how serendipity works.

You’re chugging along, thinking about one thing – and a set of circumstances creates quite a different result… that’s actually better than what you were doing!

Well, there I was, sending out Diwali greetings to my social networks, watching fireworks brighten up the night sky, and pondering a set of messages urging moderation in the use of crackers that harm the environment, frighten pets, and even kill birds.

And I clicked on a link on Twitter, to read a blog post about Diwali. This one.

This sentence stopped my thoughts in their tracks:

“As I see the houses lit up with diyas and lights, I wonder if we have all made an attempt to light up other people’s lives as well.”

I’ve thought about the ‘festival of lights‘ from different perspectives. As a joyous celebration with sweets, fireworks and fun. As a symbolic abolishing of evil by brightness. As a celebratory welcome to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

But never before as a call to light up fellow lives and hearts.

It’s a powerful realization.

My Diwali just got a little richer.

I’ll see it, going forward, as a reminder to light up the hearts and lives of people I come into contact with. Another reason to try to cheer up and enliven folks I meet. A day to reaffirm a commitment to generate a little more happiness around me.


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