Holding Hands
  • She likes her coffee weak and sweet; I prefer mine strong and black.
  • She loves sour tasting stuff like gooseberries and raw mangoes; I like other flavors like grapes and ripe mangoes.
  • She enjoys being outdoors and traveling; I’m a homebody who’s happier curled up with a book.
  • She copes poorly with stress; I thrive on it.
  • She likes horror and drama movies; I watch comedies and thrillers.
  • She needs a good 8 hours of sleep a night; I’m comfortable with barely five.

The list just goes on and on.

Once, on a whim, we tried to identify areas where our interests or tastes coincided. There were a precious few. On most things, we’re different. Often, poles apart.

Yet we’ve been together for over twenty years!

A lot of fuss is made about relationships needing to be rooted in shared interests, common tastes, a nebulous “compatibility”.

But I think the key lies in this secret:

We both respect and accept the other’s choices!

If we didn’t, we’d have separated long ago. Because we do, we haven’t. And until we keep doing it, I think we’ll be fine.

So I respect and accept her choices.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like them!



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