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Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This - Who To Toss From The Balloon

Four famous people are over the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon, when something goes wrong and they start losing height rapidly.

There’s only one solution – to toss one of them overboard and hope to regain enough buoyancy to carry them to safety.


4 Rules For Dreamers

dreamer - 4 rules for dreamers

I’ve been called an optimist, dreamer and idealist.  I’ve also been called a cynic, pessimist and nihilist.  But I think of myself only as a pragmatic realist.  The kind who practices a realpolitik equivalent in my day to day life!


In Search of Permanence

I’m reading a fascinating narrative of Delhi’s history, through a succession of rulers and dynasties spanning over 900 years, in William Dalrymple’s enjoyable book, City of Djinns


Lenses For Life

We view the world around us – and the people in it – through lenses.

Our focus is often limited to a tiny part of the whole. We see snippets and tidbits of other people’s lives.

We don’t know – let alone understand – the rest.



A song in a movie I watched recently was lovely, haunting. It keeps drawing me back to listen, over and over again.

The singer is popular. Her Facebook page has over a million fans. A simple post on it – saying “Good morning” – has over 13,000 ‘likes’.

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