How To Use Snapchat For Marketing

Snapchat marketing

Can a mobile app skyrocket your website traffic, boost sales, engage your audience and transform your business success?

Well, if you’re talking about Snapchat, the answer is “Yes, very likely!”

What is Snapchat?

It’s a smartphone app you can use to share pictures (called a ‘snap’) or very short video clips that last for just a few seconds (called a ‘story’) with your friends. And they only stay online for a day, then they’re gone forever.


How Amazon Is Slowly Destroying My Reading Habit

Reading Habit

Once upon a long time ago, you could pick up pretty much ANY published book and be able to read it – as long as you enjoyed the subject.

Not any more!

Today, after submitting my short story to The Hindu Lit For Life contest, I ordered 7 shorts on Amazon.IN.

Each took barely 10 minutes to read.

But 4 of them were total crap. And while another 2 weren’t terrible, the writing was quite poor… and only a strong storyline held them together.

That’s sad.

Coz Amazon is slowly ERODING the reading habit.


Content Marketing PLR Pack #1

PLR content PLR packs

Full description:

  • Content Marketing PLR Articles
  • 10 articles
  • 5,991 words

These 10 articles, which are at least 500+ words each, comprehensively cover a specific component of content marketing. These 10 articles provide an overview of what information marketing and being an infopreneur is all about.

  • The articles make a great collection for website/blog content or email autoresponder follow ups.
  • They may even be combined into a opt-in offer or viral freebie.
  • Or turn them into a rebrandable give-away for affiliates.
  • And you could include them in a membership area.

The topics/titles of these 500+ word content pieces are:

1. Content Creation Secrets For Infopreneurs (603 words)
2. The Best Forms Of Content Used By Infopreneurs (572 words)
3. How To Create Your Own Content (592 words)
4. Which Content Model Fits Your Content Marketing Dreams? (639 words)
5. How to Pull In As Much Cash As You Want With Information Products (689 words)

6. Your 3 Best Options To Profit From PLR Products (589 words)
7. Stop Suffering… And Start Partnering For Massive Success (545 words)
8. 2 Simple Ways To Boost Info product Sales & Guarantee Success (585 words)
9. 3 Money-Making Lessons From Successful Membership Sites (525 words)
10. How To Be Successful In Everything You Do With Content Marketing (652 words)

Price: $7.00 $2.99

Content Marketing PLR Pack #1

How To Profit From PLR

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Read This FREE Report


What’s The New SEO In 2018 – And Beyond

SEO in 2017 - Smoke and Mirrors

SEO in 2018: Discover 5 SEO Tactics That Worked For 20+ Years… Because What’s ‘New’ Is Just The Same Old Search Engine Optimization From 1997 – Only Smarter!


Business Optimization : Why Should You Care

Business Optimization Reports

I became interested in learning business optimization almost by accident.

In 2004, I spent 26 weeks in a mentorship program, working with one of the world’s top marketing consultants, a man who has generated over 7 BILLION dollars in new profits for his clients.

One of the first things he sent us students was a business self-assessment questionnaire. It contained (I kid you not!) TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT questions!

For over 18 HOURS, I answered it.

Many questions forced me to think long, hard and deep about my business.

  • How strategic is my marketing?
  • What are my 5, 10 and 20 year goals?
  • Do I have predictable results?
  • Is my business future-proof? Or can it collapse at any time?
  • Am I getting the highest value from my resources?

All tough questions, needing careful thought.

That’s what took eighteen hours.

But it was well worth the effort.

My growth since then is a reflection of my investment in time and effort – as it revealed areas I could improve, enhance and optimize.

This also made me appreciate the self-evaluation process.

So today, I’m going to give YOU the benefit of this exercise, and show you…

How To Optimize Your Business

Discover 7 Force-Multipliers To Skyrocket Your Sales

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