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Understanding The Resistance

Lessons from yesterday (about the Resistance)…

1. Whenever you face (or contemplate) significant change, you’ll simultaneously face Resistance. Your ‘lizard brain’ fears change. It will compel/convince you to resist it.

2. The intensity of the Resistance is proportionate to the significance of the change. Small changes are more easily accepted than bigger ones.

3. Being wise enough to know which Resistance to overcome, and being tough/persistent enough to actually overcome it, are key to accomplishment.


Decide to Commit


For those who buy a course or program about ANYTHING – how long do you typically work on the system you learn in it?

Reminds me of an analogy I read in a book about success engineering.


Do You Listen?

Do you listen to Nature? Often?

When was the last time you paused to listen as a bird tweeted, or to the soft ripple of a brook, or the rustle of the evening breeze through leaves, or just the whoosh of a sudden gust of wind?

If it was too long ago, think about this –

You’re not ‘living’… you’re just waiting to die!

Stop. Hit pause. Listen.

And enjoy what you hear.

It’s priceless… yet free!


What brought this on?

I woke up early this morning.  As I read email and browsed forums, I heard our daily visitor, a little friend who drops by every morning, go “Tu-wheet, tu-wheet” in the lemon tree in our backyard.

Dropping everything, I rushed to the window, and spent a few minutes enjoying her little song and watching the little busybody flit from one branch to the other.

And in those quiet moments, I felt fully alive!

Wouldn’t you? Try it.

tailor bird


Lasting Value

Create Lasting Value

I’ve been writing for over 15 years.  On looking back, there are two kinds of work I’ve created.