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Choices and Consequences

Choices and Consequences

Life, for many of us, meanders on with dips and ascents, twists and turns, or the occasional bump.

Along the way, we make choices.

Small choices and big ones. Easy choices and hard ones. Simple choices and complex ones.

Every choice has its own unique consequences. Generally, predictable ones.

You go to medical school, and you’ll become a doctor. You board a bus to New Delhi, and you’ll get there – not Timbuktu.


There are always exceptions. Situations where consequences don’t match the choices you made.

That’s life.

And it’s how life teaches you precious lessons. About making other choices. And facing their consequences, both intended and otherwise.

Looking back on your life, if you are…

  • happy with all your choices and/or
  • comfortable with all the consequences they’ve had

… then I daresay you’re a successin every important way that matters.


The Daily Thank You

Daily Thank You

No matter how bad things are, no matter how sad or disappointed or frustrated you’re feeling, there’s ONE THING guaranteed to flip it around and make you feel happy and at peace once more.

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