How To Profit From Private Label Rights PLR Content

Content Marketing PLR Content

Content Marketing is the hottest online buzzword in 2018. It’s the process of using content to

  • attract an audience
  • engage prospective clients, and
  • establish trust, in order to
  • convert browsers into buyers

A key element of doing this is your content.

Gone are the days when freqently publishing mediocre, keyword-optimized word-soup would rocket your website to the top of Google.

Today, to stand out from the crowd, you need rock-solid, top-notch, high-quality content. The kind of content only an expert can create.

And you need a LOT of it.

That quickly becomes expensive.

Even if you pay only $50 for a 1,000+ word article (and great content usually costs 10 times as much!), it will set you back hundreds of dollars every month to publish on a consistent schedule.

Private Label Rights PLR Content is an affordable alternative.

PLR content is less expensive than custom-created unique content, and serves as a powerful content marketing tool for those on a budget. High quality PLR content can often be intelligently used to craft a winning content marketing campaign – with some simple, yet effective tweaks.

How To Publish PLR Content

Only few marketers still believe that publishing PLR content ‘as is’ on their websites or blogs will help them rank on Google and search engines.

That might have worked in 2008. But it does NOT work in 2018.

So how to publish PLR content in an effective way?

1. Publish PLR Content In Your Email Newsletter

Whether you put out an email newsletter, journal, magazine or just send out content-rich email messages to build relationships with your audience, PLR content can be helpful.

By ordering PLR content on subjects related to your niche and modifying it slightly, you can quickly and easily have enough content to fuel your email marketing campaigns for weeks, months or even years.

2. Publish PLR Content As An Infoproduct

By buying PLR content on related themes or topics, you will have enough content to compile your own valuable infoproduct – an ebook, special report, white paper, or tutorial.

You can give this away as an

  • incentive to sign up subscribers to your email list
  • informative introduction to your product or service
  • brand-building tool
  • bonus/gift for new or returning customers

3. Publish PLR Content On Social Media

If you consistently publish good quality information about your topic on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Quora and Medium, you’ll gradually attract an audience of interested prospects. PLR content is a good option for crafting such posts.

With just a little time and effort, you can share informative content with your following, and establish authority with your network. This translates into trust and leads to a higher sales conversion rate, and new referrals to your business.

4. Publish PLR Content On Your Blog

While you cannot re-publish PLR content ‘as is’ on your blog and expect it to bring you any SEO advantage, you can use the material as the framework for your blog’s content.

Modify your private label rights content by including relevant links, adding updates and inserting new information into it. You can also combine it with your own commentary to make the content unique – and therefore, rank-worthy on search engines. That’s the smart way to do content marketing in 2018.

How To Monetize PLR Content

You’ve paid good money to buy PLR content – and naturally, you’d like to see it earn some money back soon.

Publishing PLR content in the ways we’ve just discussed can help boost your current income streams by attracting fresh prospects to your website or blog.

In addition, there are many different ways to monetize your PLR content itself. Let’s talk about them next.

1. PLR Content As Paid Infoproducts

With some effort, you can convert PLR content into a paid infoproduct. You can do this by

  • adding your own insights and expertise
  • tweaking the content to be specific to your niche
  • adapting it to tackle a particular problem that’s rampant in your niche
  • turning it into a tutorial or how-to guide to help people do something
  • including authoritative references, images, statistics and data to make it an industry ‘status report’ (some of these sell for a high price!)

2. PLR Content With Relevant Affiliate Programs

Your PLR content can be profitable when it is used to deliver a promotional pitch for related products or services – which you get paid for generating sales as an affiliate.

For instance, a series of PLR content on weight loss can encourage a reader or viewer to

  • try out a new fat loss program, or
  • follow a diet plan, or
  • join a gym membership

You can sprinkle affiliate links into PLR content and display it on your website, or use it in an infoproduct, or add it to your email autoresponder follow up sequence.

3. PLR Content For Adsense Revenue

Once a popular revenue stream for bloggers, many publishers have now given up on Google Adsense.

And that’s a mistake. Because as a revenue generator for quality content, Google Adsense is still quite effective – especially in certain niches.

When you publish PLR content interspersed with Adsense ads on your blog or website or Web 2.0 properties, you can earn money every time a visitor/reader clicks on the ads.

How To Customize PLR Content

For many of the ideas we’ve discussed above, you’ll need to customize your PLR content so that Google, Bing, and other search engines don’t view it as “duplicate content”.

The good news is that it is often quicker, easier and less expensive to customize ‘resale rights content’ than it is to create high quality content from scratch.

So, how can you customize PLR content?

1. Go Niche!

Many forms of private label content can be adapted to a narrower niche market.

For example, a set of PLR content on how to use Pinterest, or Quora, or Instagram to get more visitors to your blog can be tweaked to be specific to:

  • gardening bloggers who want to reach more gardening enthusiasts
  • writing bloggers who are in search of authors
  • arts and crafts bloggers who seek hobbyist crafters

Or a series of PLR articles on SEO for websites, that uses a search term like “online business” as an example, can be adapted to appeal exclusively to:

  • sports websites, by replacing “online business” with search terms on games or sporting equipment
  • fishing hobbyists, by including a case study based on angling search phrases
  • mountain climbers, by using rock-climbing as the test keyword

2. Add Images, Screenshots Or Graphs

Another effective way to customize PLR content is to make it richer and more visually appealing with content aids.

  • Pictures, photos and videos will add flair and pizazz to your PLR content
  • Screenshots, PDFs and how-to powerpoints can help explain and expand some concepts covered in the articles
  • Infographics, spreadsheets and statistics emphasize certain elements of the content

These simple tweaks are easy to add to your PLR content – but the finished product will be significantly different and unique. This is the biggest advantage of working with private label rights content.

3. Include An Introduction – And Conclusion

You can make PLR content “unique” by simply adding more content to it.

If you start out with a 1,000 word PLR article, and include

  • an introduction
  • a conclusion/summary
  • your own thoughts and opinions
  • commentary on the sub-sections of it

…you’ll end up with a 1,300 to 1,500 word piece of content that’s unique enough to be a powerful content marketing tool for your website.

4. Combine, Bundle And Package Content

You can select relevant snippets from different pieces of your PLR content and weave them together into a new article, report or essay that looks significantly different from the raw, unedited PLR content everyone else bought.

You could even combine multiple PLR articles into a longer piece of content that

  • covers a topic more comprehensively,
  • answers more questions,
  • provides deeper insight to a visitor
  • is considered more valuable, and
  • therefore is shared with others and ranks higher on search engines

In Conclusion…

So, these are easy ways to quickly profit from PLR content.

The next time you see a chance to snag a bundle of PLR articles at a throwaway price, don’t hesitate or overthink the decision.

Just grab it

– and then, apply these methods to skyrocket your content marketing results!


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